Do we measure achievement through taking or giving

Welcome to the Centre of New Directions, White Lodge

We are made from the dust of starlight. Our structures, systems and forms are sculptured by the hand of evolution to become an instrument of its purpose. There is an essence of all creation within the divine spark of our being and we are evolving and refining into light that lights the stars. As many souls, as many ways to awaken to the fullness of this. Every life contributes. Every experience invests. All and everything circulates through the consciousness that unites. Each one in their measure is nourished. All is used to the good.

Our Work

Our work through research and development in the fields of Spiritual Psychotherapeutics, Light, Colour and Sound seeks: To make a better use of what is already known To be receptive beyond the horizon of the familiar. To awaken to the point of stillness within consciousness. To be safe and consistent within the opening of the higher senses. To invest this journey into education, healing and the culture of our time. In this, all existing systems of belief, knowledge and understanding are respected.

Our Aim

Our aim is to support the harmonious awakening of the whole human being.

Our Vision

Our vision is to attain self knowledge and to be of service to others.