Knowledge is stored in its wholeness even as the impact of moments of challenge are recorded into the frequency of their karmic unfoldment during gestation.  

Timing becomes now as the inner ever-present awakens.  

Contemplation gives space to relevant recollection and even into the busyness of the world it can become as a point of inner stillness as the Soul observes itself. 

The auric field filters out planetary dissonance as our inner silence is filled and personal power is infused into the collective good. The inevitability of suspicion and conflict unhappens freeing the voices of reason.  

Different Faiths and Beliefs are all needed for wholeness to emerge where measuring time through history can become as an exciting vision of looking in from tomorrow.



The senses evolve as the incarnating soul masters ‘the brain in evolution’.

Memory of birth and growth is registered through the spine and life’s karmic opportunities bring it into focus.  In these times a sense of renewal is surfacing. An awakening of the impulses to existence becomes an energising of creativity and originality, employing all experience/memory to the good.  The level of spiritual intelligence is rising as energies flowing  through the spine are awakening.

Historical intimacy is surfacing, overriding suspicion and separation through the different interpretations of faith and belief.

The repetition of ‘mans inhumanity to man’ is dissolving. 

The octave of ‘soul presence’ is rising, bringing forward more enlightened leadership.  The new generations are attracting strong and wise souls.



These are times where goodwill, gathered through every kind thought and deed, manifests in the corridors of power as a momentum for change.  Repetitional attitudes are released from their history  and the voice of reason, quiet and distinct can be heard.  A visionary future of ‘the Whole’ is defended, the compulsion to survive is not dominant and all may move forward together.   



Chaos  brings freedom from ‘the old order’ while opening a psychic space attractive to parasitic and elemental forces. Letting go is an exposure before it is anchored.

The recycling/rebooting within chaos needs a special discipline within the unfamiliar. New inner and outer space opens with awareness sensing into new levels.

Overall there is a revaluing of ‘everything’ where the influence of the new generations joins their vision’ into static attitudes.  Tomorrow embraces today’s choices and history is served.



‘Ancient remembering’ joins the always and the immediate within the network of belonging. It brings a containment of awareness, a strengthening and balance within the forces challenging the independence of heart and mind, a ‘collective goodwill’ where compassion with detachment brings safety within the glamour of extremes.

It brings the sense of discipline within responsibility, encouraging
leadership to shift from outer authority to inner knowing, where collective intention urges change without revolution. There is an equalising tendency entering into every form of prejudice and injustice.

The preparation before incarnation of many Souls in these times is awakening their ‘tomorrow vision’. Within the confusion of conflict a healing is happening within Humanity.



We share upon a threshold of believing into knowing,

Living within the inspiration of archetypal legend that unites and divides us as in the forgetfulness between sleep-state and awakening. 

The language of dreams is a way of remembering without deep insight . Then, as  horizons widen and, perceptions refine, life pressures become spiritual discipline.

Within the fullness of existence the Soul is present as in a state of asking and the way of our belonging becomes a point of  Karmic response specific to this.  Life is busy with all our yesterdays and tomorrows. All is already written in one sense where a time to know or remember happens when it needs.



The dedication, sacrifice and spiritual endeavour within world history is as a reservoir of goodwill into which the soul incarnates in these times. The emergence of Mankind into a harmonic Planetary Family becomes both a hope and a promise.



An improving balance between involvement and detachment is encouraging receptivity to ‘far-sight.’  This is an over-lighting of ‘higher guidance becoming as a ‘new-normal’.  

While our everyday world continues, perspective and insight alters and there is a subtle release of life impacts from birth and the first seven years. Breathing rhythm changes and more vital energy or prana is absorbed.  A childlike urgency of curiosity draws us to where the soul experiences a sense of belonging. A feeling of ‘finding our place’ happens.

The storms and tempests of ‘mans inhumanity to man’ are transformed and there is a drawing on the creative elements within ‘unfinished business’ in deep memory.This as a subtle ‘force for good’, diminishes negative expectation.

The promise of tomorrow, a vision within the new generations, brings hopeful perspectives into environmental and human rights challenges.



The path of Self discovery lies within time and existence.  Finding inner freedom within the demands of  an incarnation is a natural challenge as each Soul awakens into the living mirror of its path. Then there is significance in everything as we are drawn into the network of our belonging where even within the same situation, individual experiencing is unique.

A sense of inner knowing as if awakening from deep sleep is happening within today’s world. The release from superstition and existential fear allows a recognition, an inner knowing and insight to emerge.  As the fog of ancient prejudice lifts, images of a world through self-discovery reveals itself.

This encourages collective leadership  and raises the general interactive level above suspicion and conflict.  Mankind frees itself of the repetition of its inhumanities, attracting Luminous Souls into incarnation, bringing civilisation to its turning point.



Is Mankind experiencing in these times a releasing of the ‘weight of history’, allowing the inner visions of the Child to awaken?  

This then changes the tension between the earth and the sun bringing creative insight as ‘soul opportunity’ into whatever the circumstances. 

The focus into here and now naturally ‘happens’ as an awakening out of ancient slumber.

A realignment of time and space within consciousness shows a way recognised by the ‘New People’ through whom it will manifest.

Mankind is moving forward and into ‘safe hands’.



How much  in life is predetermined  as all is recycled through time to the point of its resolution? Is the future already written and can be foreseen?

Collective unfulfilled expectation  circulates during gestation.  In today’s world what motivates mankind to reach for the stars as points scattered in time connect through the network of their belonging?



 Life flows through its seasons and cycles as if through the compartments of the stomach of a cow, to be transformed into a ‘self renewing essence’.   

This suggests the value of many lives entering into one incarnation embracing the principles and purposes of many lives.

Continuous updating happens with an improving clarity of flow through the Silver Cord from the ‘Workshop of the Soul in the Higher Self ’ linking the incarnation to its cosmic belonging.

There is a simultaneous feedback, a happening-unhappening  self-regulating alignment through the stages of growth to the soul-plan. 

Karmic discipline is maintained while the crystallising resistance of attitudes and beliefs is diminished.

Many lives within one incarnation changes the perspective on virtually everything.

New worlds are being discovered within our own space and time.



Stellar and Solar radiance merging into the planetary atmosphere is as a blessing through the Crown Chakra into the brain.  It brings ‘permission to go forward’, dissolving static in hesitation and inhibition.

This awakens courage to ‘go ahead’ and a willingness to commit hearts and resources into high ideals.  It is associated to uncovering new sources of energy – and this includes managing the instincts of conflict.

An historical tide is turning, opening many new pathways for soul-expression.

While Karma ‘is what it is’, collective attitudes held within the deep subconscious are losing dominance.  Space for the Talents of the Soul brings new vision into self-mastering within the ‘reptilian survival brain’.  This is reflecting into every area of struggle and conflict where a purifying of dogma and prejudice is entering through the new generations coming into their maturity.



There is collective ‘reaching into the heavens’ literally and metaphorically for indications of purpose and direction within the state of flux in an increasingly unfamiliar world.

There is openness and time for visionary reflection, and a searching into memory once put aside through doubt.

Imagination is partnered to technology.  The fact of planetary interdependence becomes measurable even as conflict is acted out.

Underlying all there is an optimistic feeling.  Not of a return to what used to be, but more in sensing adventure and opportunity.   

There is ‘in process’ an affirmation of the deep and profound plan and purpose – an intrinsic value within the detail and demand of even single life.



Within memory information ahead of need is arising as Mankind enters into states of preparedness.  International uncertainty is bringing a re-setting of the nature of incarnation.

 Experiencing time is changing as horizons of perception expand. There is revolution in the nature of being here and now.

As Mankind enters the higher or fourth dimensional threshold, indications suggest a dissolving of trauma-shadow of the first seven years in incarnation, allowing the clear continuous flow of the  ‘Soul LifePlan’  through the hologram of the brain.  There is re-alignment to the Star-Map of our cosmic-belong and history is updated.

The consequent mixing of ideology and political structure is explosive through every aspect of society and belief systems.

Parallel, is a Change in tension between the earth and the sun bringing subtle effect in centrifugal and centripetal earth forces.  This influences  occiput-atlas balance affecting every aspect of the relationship through the families  of origin.

A resetting or rebooting of incarnation is at work.

Mankind’s relationship through Nature to the earth, between Belief Systems and the recycling of unfinished business of history brings shadows to the surface and activates the resources of a ‘New Age’. The times to come are now.



There’s an urgency of transformation, an impersonal impulse through the chakra system working beyond limitation by the forces of conflict.  

Responding to circumstances within the confusions of these times is a form of ‘rebooting’, an update on focussing, a fresh look into life and living.  There is the ‘shaking off of the past’ with taking nothing for granted’. Inter-dimensionally it brings clarity and the free flow of historical ‘light in contrast’ where nothing is hidden.

Within Soul Identity the sense of continuity is replacing questions on reincarnation.   ‘Innate knowing’ becomes part of post-natal development.

The child grows forward with this.

Communion with the Nature Beings and the Angelic Management becomes normal exchange 

The axis of incarnation is shifting.  The adventure of the Soul within polarity is a changing partnership through the levels.



While discovering distant galaxies in reaching toward the big-bang moment of birth of the universe there is a deepening receptivity within the crown chakra to starlight frequencies reaching into the birth of the Humanities in Evolution.

With the diminishing of pandemic anxiety is an arising attraction into Mankind’s cosmic relationships.  This brings the individual as ‘a universe in miniature’ online’.  

The ‘Life-Plan’  flowing between the Higher Self and the brain through the Silver Cord brings an expanding perspective into the nature of reality, releasing awareness more practically into the network of many lives and levels.

The deepening of Intuition is a measure of Soul Presence and incarnation management within the evolving brain.

Here the significance is in an area the brain related to individual integrity in making choices.  

On the threshold of higher dimensions (where Mankind is in these times) we meet a variety of Beings and elemental forces that can be parasitic to our state through addictive and compulsive tendencies and where we may be overwhelmed/persuaded through the indoctrination of stronger minds. 

The point is in an increasing Soul Light/Presence that through all levels can maintain boundaries and inner integrity.  It is a ‘Garden of Eden period’ for everyone where self-management can replace imposed law and we live more safely in the presence of hallucinogenic substance and fundamentalist divisive beliefs.  

Mankind is entering ‘fourth-dimensional living experience’ both psychically and psychologically more whole individual and collective and in balance with Nature. 



As systems and structures are disturbed without great material destruction and we are faced with incomplete and conflicting information there is a spontaneous opening into levels of contemplation and meditation. 

Reaching with clearer focus into life visible and subtle opens communion with the unseen and unknown. 

‘The world’ is the manifest metaphor of every individual and circumstance. A universal ‘language of life’ emerges as feelings, images and impressions arise.

 Individuality awakening is ‘Soul Presence’ and within the hologram of the brain this is the sacred space of identity and freedom.  It is where personal insight faces addiction and control by ‘stronger minds’ or substances.  It is where we are ‘linked through the heart’ as a recognition of belonging through levels of choice and reverence for all life.

A breakthrough into the reality of continuity brings all the statistics into perspective and science serves the need.



A seed is yesterday’s gift filled with tomorrow’s promise and growth happens through continuous renewal without exact repetition.

In these times, with shadows of the past dissolving, the relative gifts and qualities of previous generations are more vitally present and there is a ‘remembering through the blood’ being restored.  

It opens to an experience of being ‘long-lived’ that is associated into ‘ancestor worship’ in one sense and to a ‘knowing of continuity through our roots’.

Visionary awareness expands from a dissolving of prejudice – and historical suspicion, the entry-points into reactive aggression, are diminished.  This allows history to invest its vision and hope and our choices and lives can become as a response to ancient prayer.  

Within ‘deep historical memory’ there is a releasing from the repetition of ‘Mans inhumanity’ to Man”.   The cleansing value within today’s world can indicate a remarkable collective and deep healing in process.



Space is a state of confidence as the soul establishes the boundaries of belonging. Even at birth each life is joined through their holy name where pure truth is its melodic expression. The expanding of field awareness through the brow centre is the guardian as we experience new forces on the higher dimensional thresholds and the principles of an immune system are awakened.

Through karma, the law of motive, action and consequence, we find ourselves where our ‘soul plan’ may best be realised. and whole each individual makes their own way within global circumstances, linear time dissolves into the union of ‘points of significance’ within the memory of history and all is drawn into the ‘living moment’.

While consciousness is continuous, the value in these times in in the expanding of horizons into being embraced by an experience of the ‘universal presence’ and the dissolving of the fragmentation of belief.

We are entering into a voluntary and conscious partnership with the beings and forces of our legends.



Within the many effects of today’s pandemic the tendency to history repeating itself is diminishing and with it, the primal fears of existence.

As superstition dissolves, new foundations to Being emerge where survival does not dominate. There is new rhythm within the relative chaos of the collective unconscious.  History, whenever it may have happened, is timed to the living moment of its consequence.

The incarnating Soul is mastering the forces of evolution through the Body/brain.  Within human nature there is a deepening awareness between the planetary and the spiritual.  The temporal and the continuous are entering into a flow of conscious living.  Elements of consciousness within the spine are more active and through the new generations especially a greater fullness of living can be explored.  New lights/insights into existence are switching on.

Communion with the Angelic and Nature Beings is communication through art, science, philosophy and belief.  New perspectives into the cosmos then spontaneously open.  We can appreciate this in relation to today’s existential challenges.

Time as a measure of living dissolves into an expansion and clarity within memory.  

We are as emissaries from the many tomorrows planting the seeds for its fruitful harvesting.



While the outer world reflects our collective inner life and within so much that today distracts attention, there can be a clearing, a dissolving of shadows – ancient imprints of the negative unknown that lower immune response psychically and in the body.  

Such cleansing can be as a subtle and delicate parallel to environmental friendly living with more care in the use of pesticides and a lowering in atmospheric pollution, encouraging an eco-balance to naturally manifest.

In consequence the whole process of incarnation is sweeter and clearer.  

What can emerge as this is reflected in the information flow between generations?

In the archetypal human this already is showing at the period of transition from infancy to childhood with the spectrum of subtle awareness accompanying the emergence of rational and intellectual thought. 

Awareness through the chakra system becomes as a continuous flow of information into events as they unfold.  

Are we in these times experiencing living upon the threshold of higher dimensional living?



The Soul ever pursues with humor and curiosity the nature and experience of Being. Moment by moment marks a state of harmonic exchange to spiritual principle and soul-purpose. Existence is alchemy in action. There is no static. All is used to the good and linear time is no measure.

The nature of energetic flow from the base Chakra is changing. Showing within the global pressure of these times is an emerging of new frequencies within the life-force reservoir at the base of the spine.
Life histories are under new scrutiny where Mankind as a whole is able to make better use of what we already know.

This brings a clearing within the complexity of ‘inner space’ and more clarity into the many-life structure.

Insight beyond the horizon of rational perception is expanding. Light from the ‘wisdom levels’ is more present within key centers in the brain, diminishing attraction to addictive and compulsive pressures.
There is a dissolving/healing/renewing of key points especially through conception-gestation and the early months.

Incarnation, through its cycles and stages embraces challenge without superstitious confusion.

In this sense we are as messengers from the future expanding partnership within interdimensional culture.



Enlightenment is more releasing than realizing.  The history of evolution and its potential, the information of yesterdays and tomorrows, is coded within the seed.  Life is self-remembering as it manifests even as the very process is unique.  

And then, we live within a network of belonging where, ’so to speak’, each pine tree is within the ‘knowing’ of every pine tree on the planet.  Each species has common Being.

At birth every individual is present within the ‘Mind of Mankind’. Change emerges through a ‘union of knowing’ and Karma becomes the individual way of sorting through for value within it all.

Then there is a continuous interweaving/exchanging between the ‘life design’ within the Higher Self and the life flow in the everyday.

There is no need to be ‘greater than the need’. A maxim of spiritual economy: ‘it is the energy that we do not use that does the work’.

Enlightenment is within the inner stillness as a strength without force.  Stability is the power of manifestation where there is no static and realization is in the undoing.



There is a fine line between education and indoctrination.

What evolutionary ‘forces’ are behind imposing or sharing systems of belief and how does discrimination and free choice awaken within the Soul as identity emerges within the pathways of evolution?  

Virtue can be imposed through circumstance and incur penalties when not heeded. 

An ‘all-seeing Deity’ may comfort and threaten and wisdom is universal and timeless or sectarian fashion.

What binds us also frees us. 

Within the roots of Races is the essence of a Family of Mankind.

The realization of Soul-talent and Spiritual virtue brings us into ‘cosmic belonging’.

Behind the nature of uniqueness is an alphabet to the stories of existence.  

There is a maxim: ‘unlearning is the key to learning’, that we are not burdened by unyielding concepts.

Out of the control through pathological challenge and governing systems in these times, a freedom of conscience can awaken as an ‘Inner authority’, with a Soul-mastering of the evolutionary, survival forces and an arising awareness of ‘Cosmic-Moral Law’ awakening within our Being.  

To have chosen to incarnate at this time is to share as Spiritual Pioneers. 



The line between cause and effect can be delicate and subtle.  Emphasis changes within an overall dynamic that includes both individuals and groups within the network of harmonic belonging.  There is refinement to the key of ‘doing the most with the least’. 

All is monitored through the Crown Chakra and anchored into everyday experiencing through the Solar Plexus.  

At the meeting point of assimilation, the Soul must discriminate between fear that guides or corrupts.  Maturity within the State of Being measures the wisdom in preparedness.  The capacity for embracing fullness within experiencing is much within the group of their belonging.   Individuality emerges within the collective.

Also, the Higher Self or Oversoul is continually experimenting, testing and trying, throwing out new frequencies into existence and registering the echo.   Life loves to be tested. All existence is intelligent law in action.  Cause and effect is a conversation, a dialogue within the family of originality and creativity.

In the manifesting of consequence as ‘Soul Time’ replaces linear measure, a quite different view of history emerges.  The parallel development of every aspect of life happens, each within its own specialty.

In these times, much that seems separate is resonant into its overall belonging.  

Mankind is ‘ready, together and prepared’, to participate consciously and voluntarily in the experiencing and emergence of new world order.



The resources for renewal gather far in advance of their need, becoming available for universal use as in the principle of a stem cell, empowering where it is focused
Governed by the spiritual depth of the heart, it is the rainfall of ‘yes to life’.
Sooner or later all experience is used to the good. Nothing is wasted, even as ancient forests have become today’s coal and oil.
Within the deep subconscious where history is ‘remembered’, there is an individual resonance within the collective accumulation.
In these times mankind is moving forward while passing through the resurfacing of unclaimed history.
Standing on the threshold of new levels of awareness and under the stimulation of a world epidemic, the Awakening Heart becomes the pioneer in discovering new resources.

There is no static. Karma is opportunity to look again through many different perspectives. Transformation is the nature of evolution.
Consciousness awakens as we meet ourselves through the roles we play in the lives of one another.
The resource of history is available to the Soul who recognizes and tends the visionary seeds of the future within the present. One novel idea can change the direction of a civilization and inspire the world.


COMMENTS: April ‘21

There is a discipline in freedom that is never imposed.  

It happens through stillness and balance, out of a sense of ‘presence through focused intension’ – our state of Being.

 The  ‘Listening Heart’ knows without consequence.  There is no reaction.

Desire within the Soul is out of its wholeness. ‘Knowing’ is within this inner union.

In todays world there is an unweaving, a dissolving of complication within the Belief Systems.  ‘Freedom’ within Systems of Belief is in their roots, even though this may not at first seem apparent. Nothing binds us to what already is. 

The ‘Power of ‘the Word’ is freedom through the Listening Heart and its ‘Knowing’ is constantly updated.  

The same truth through many tongues is consistent while in every land the universal Foundations to existence have their own characteristic style. 

Mankind is united without needing to be joined.  However this may sound, 

Given a little time, air and energy, water and climate can become an environment of freedom.

The discipline in this is carried within the ‘Children of Tomorrow’ and if we are living many times, then who is life encouraging through our choices? 



COMMENTS: April ‘21

The place of a child within the family group involves an Aligning of the Frequency of the incarnating Soul to the genetics of the family heritage.  These may go back centuries, connecting both to key figures and eras in history.  It links each incarnation in fine detail into the interweaving of racial crosscurrents and characteristics, influencing a wide spectrum of sympathetic and antipathetic tendencies.  The incarnating Soul will need to assimilate it all. Out of this the personality within its karmic tendencies emerges.

The cranial brain and the solar plexus and intestines as a body-brain are intimately coexistent.  

All is in resonance with the kundalini forces at the base of the spine

At an instinctive level, survival impulses are dominant.  Suspicion and aggression inwardly and acted out, are part of ‘human nature’.

Our place within a family and where the family is placed within its culture and its social structures are reflected in body posture and coordination.  The energetic alignment between the incarnating soul, the higher self and the body is delicate.  Fear, primal and collective is a critical factor in this exquisite balance. 

In these times the fear impact within the epidemic can spontaneously expose space for a quantum leap forward in the nature of existence,  through those of like mind and in response to the wind of destiny that is passing through mankind.





COMMENTS: April ‘21

Within the union of asking there are moments when truth unveils itself,
Shadows clear, crosscurrents cease
And free of condition or authority,
In openness and without bias
And spoken directly to the listening heart
Truth reaches all in individual tongue.
In concert, goodwill affirms the values that unite.
We grow into the Spirit of the science
And truths’ many facets sparkle as mankind heals.





COMMENTS: March/April ‘21

Life renews itself to the finest detail that ever encourages our highest truth.  That we are gods in the making is eternity in action within the living moment. In one sense there is the pure discipline of karmic belonging and then there is infinite flexibility as individuality awakens through originality.  Collective growth is a synthesis of this union.

The nature of awareness becomes more subtle as it deepens.  

From the birth moment and during the early months there is a registering of ‘the world’. 

Within the Angelic Presences we are part of ‘the always in the now’

Memory flows through the circulation of time continuously recollecting and freeing static points.   A realignment and greater wholeness within the sense of Self emerges.

There is a patient restlessness and urgency within creation.  Within this constant readiness is the invitation of attraction drawing every Soul to opportunities beyond the veil of beginnings and endings. Can we imagine that ‘the Universe breathes itself into us and our destiny is its outbreath?

As on the earth turning through the constancy of time, it is always sunrise somewhere so to the awakening Soul, there is always a springtime.  

Continuity is the active point of focus for creative investment into the finest details of attraction.  In these times, through the challenge of a microscopic life form, static history is dissolving and new springtime in spiritual awareness is becoming.





COMMENTS: March ‘21

Gravity flows as a magnetic tide between the sun and the planets.  On the Earth we walk upon its cushion.  Where the great World Teachers have trod, energetically their golden imprint of perfect balance remains and reminds.

Heaven constantly seeks to claim us while our earth time is measured.  Even so, as the Planetary Intelligence pours itself into us, we share existence with the Angelic and Nature Forces as they manage and maintain the interdependence between all.  

While cosmic space is endless and the galaxies beyond counting, in today’s world the Soul is filling the space of its incarnation, more completely.

What holds us is an attraction into our partnership within all aspects of existence.   In this, the principle of continuity insistently employs our path of evolution as the Soul renews itself through its cycles and seasons of growth and rebirth.

The earth evolves through our presence all the more as we take our place amongst the many parallel levels.   Mastering the body-brain awakens a heart-centered intelligence within the vast potential of Mind, even as we clear the shadows of history within todays’ challenging world.  

The relation between Mankind and the Subtle Realms and Beings is becoming more conscious rationally and scientifically as the mystery of the mystical comes into view!.  Soul space is attracting a Heart-Intelligent Humanity!







COMMENTS: February/March ‘21

Courage is a gift of the Soul, present unconditionally and belonging to an innate sense of continuity.  A freeing within Soul presence and expression is happening.

Knowing there is no death while existing within a human personality and the impermanence of a physical body, needs direct experience.  Belief systems encourage this and as the Soul under the challenge of these times is entering more fully into its incarnation, there is an emerging vision of its own state. 

Specific history to which Mankind belongs is present in the here and now.  We live within the ‘unfinished business’ of our yesterdays.

It surfaces through the attraction of a readiness to take responsibility and this awakens the quality of Soul Courage through an act of free will.

A sense of Stewardship is emerging to which in our own fashion we are attracted.  Science focused into the relationship between Mankind and the Planet, concern for the survival of challenged species, interest in plant-based nutrition and a tolerant acceptance of all varieties of human choices, is all in process.  This foundation for new forms of living is also receptivity to visions of the tomorrows of the new generations entering in.

Memory flows back and forth through intimations of the awakening Soul.  Fatalistic inequalities out of life’s lottery are evolving into the responsibility of a civilization with an innate sense of continuity.






COMMENTS: February ‘21

There is an unfamiliar feeling to the dissolving of collective fear.

In one sense there is a strengthening of being in the here and now.  Sleep is more continuous. It instinctively feels safer to ‘let go’. Breathing expands and deepens.

Heart rhythm is not ‘on-guard’ .

The association of ‘moments of stress’ that accumulate as  shadow dissolves and we are less drawn into the ‘collective mood.

As this ripples through memory, posture is more upright and movement more flowing.

Optimism as in ‘owning our space’, is touched by the innate promise of life.  

Out of the collective pressure of today’s world is emerging a more whole human being .

There is a sense of knowing, ahead of ‘the news’, that is at work.

It is a change in Mind, active in consciousness, parallel to changes in the blood stream and in body chemistry, that is a sign of ‘Souls in unison’. This can be appreciated as a drawing in at a higher octave of democratic choice.

Mankind is voting creatively for its future.





COMMENTS: January ‘21

When instinct and intuition unite, the power of compulsion is diminished and choices are less influenced by compulsive forces. Even while living within large collective groups, individuality is empowered without self-importance. 

Perhaps this is also an awakening within mankind of qualities of the Angelic Realm and a sign of a restoring of the relationship between Angels and Mankind walking and working together.

While instincts belong to survival guidance, intuition can be Soul Navigation.

Within the development of personality and character, attraction into pathways of illusion is then soon refocused and amongst the ‘many temptations,’ the ‘still small inner voice’ is clear.

This is also a natural sense of the promise of life even as a child’s experience within its total dependence.  Trust through ‘knowing’ is emerging.

The body-brain and the Soul-presence are merging.

Parallel to all that is happening in today’s world, are we encountering the civilizing environment of Angelic Culture? 

We are getting ready for what we don’t yet know!





COMMENTS: December ‘20/January ‘21

There are times when past and present blend easily into the emergence of longed-for answers.  To the advantage of all, sensible choices are agreed and differences put aside.

Energetically, a space opens that is free of the shadows of history.

In the Archetypal Human the ‘collective heart’ is enlightened and tensions within reactive behavior don’t override.

Energetically along the spine there is a loosening of points of congestion. A harmonious blending ‘happens’ that is less as Divine Intervention and more like an upgrading of ‘brain-space’.

The presence of fear and uncertainty that echoes through generations doesn’t manifest and life to be managed as a medical problem just dissolves.

In one way it is like a breathing space and then it indicates the completion of specific karmic tasks and a clear day dawns.

It is not so much a renaissance as a healing of memory.  

This is also a restoring of integrity within inter-dimensional boundaries and a clearing/returning of entities that are out of place, to the dimension of their belonging.

Overall we then live in a ‘safer space’ and able to manage the many temptations of shortcuts into fulfilling personal desires.

We exist within the frequencies of many voices even as entertainment provides.  The world web of information/communication is a field of ever expanding curiosity. The traveller longing to discover and share, needs no passport. While there is some supervision, what is true or misleading is as present now as ever.

The next millennium can feel like pure science fiction while it is the spiritual realization within it all,that is significant.  If the expansion of the horizons of consciousness can bring Humanity to an entry-point to both space travel and cosmic culture there is much to attract great Souls into our space and time.




COMMENTS Christmas 2020

There is a moment around the first breath and before the karmic imprint descends when there is a direct clear line into the creative potential of the souls belonging.
There is clear vision as the heart of the child still anchored to its higher dimensional Presence is immersed within the ‘Great Plan’.

It is where the nature of the auric field becomes as the membrane around each cell, within the circulation of the experience and environment of its existence. It is the principle of ‘truth imprinted within the throat Center
It is also an indication of the preparation of the new generations before conception where historical shadows hold no sway to obscure cosmic purpose. Amongst the ‘New Children today are many ‘wise and experienced souls’
It is also interesting to appreciate within the auric dynamic tension, the neutralizing of self-destructive impulses and a realizing into the integrity of human nature the various ‘rules’ within belief systems regarding custom and behavior that apply even more now to existence upon the threshold of an expansion of the senses into new visions of reality. The Teachers of Mankind’s Cosmic Purpose are smiling.



COMMENTS November/December 2020

In experiencing life in the midst and myth of a resurfacing of ancient history while being inspired by visions from the childhood of Humanity, are we awakening from or living anew the Eden experience and now in a higher octave?

As Angels and mankind once walked together in an idyllic way, now we work together to clean the air and water and cultivate the earth with a reverence for all life.  

Natural events as in earthquakes, volcanic eruption and from the impact of a meteor can need eons of time for evolution to do its work.  Now along with much debate and controversy we begin to take more responsibility directly and voluntarily in partnership (knowingly or not) with the Nature Beings and Forces 

It shows like a ripple effect flowing through life as when mankind would communicate directly with the Earth as a living Being.

Perhaps we are freeing ourselves from the ‘legend’ of the Luciferic Forces.  

From another perspective, this can be a step forward in the mastering of the reptilian/mammalian aspects of the brain- with  the Soul entering more fully into  incarnation, drawing awareness into more subtle frequencies.

Expanding the horizons of consciousness is also opening into a more complete sense of Self where dogma dissolves and parasitic type forces hold no sway.

‘Something’ within todays world is working into the network of our belonging and into our health and wellbeing!   Are we becoming the living answers to many ancient prayers?




COMMENTS September 2020

A point of release from ancient shadows is being reached opening mankind into unfamiliar space.  Superstition is dissolving.  A collective creative spirit is emerging with tolerance for all kinds of non-conformism or ‘being different’. The definition of ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’ is not imprisoned in prejudice or static tradition.

Soul-centered celebration is shifting into the creative danger and opportunity of the unfamiliar.

All rests on the state of preparation – as if hidden treasure from ancient times becomes available as with the discovery of coal and oil.

The edge of disaster is also a threshold for our own answers to desperate prayers.

Receptivity to ‘higher guidance comes with the dissolving of historical family shadows’ and a tolerance of differences encourages a caring society. Mankind is escaping inner and outer control/suppression.  Even as there is more legal tolerance to mind-altering substances there will be less addictive tendency in the up and coming generations.  This also suggests that medically the management of parasitic conditions will make positive strides.

Subtle changes in brain chemistry will change the nature of depression and mood-swing.

The circumstances of incarnation will support and protect Soul-purposes.  The strange uncertainty of feeling within a karmic lottery will transform into a higher frequency of life for the living and do for the doing. Social upheaval into spiritual stability.



COMMENTS August 2020

The history of everything and everyone is recorded within the Akashic Chronicles.
Some are gifted to access these records for a specific purpose. Intimations from these records may enter our awareness peripherally as feelings, impressions and images. Our dreaming mind is an entrance into this remarkable sphere.
The Karmic plan of each life as it unfolds, manifests as historical consequences. We live within the continuity of the journey of the Soul as it weaves in and out of time and space and through the different expressions of its evolving Being..
The future contains the continuous recycling of history and while time is measured, it is always now. In a rather profound sense it is only our perspective that changes.
Can we imagine that within the world today we are reliving its very events but as if for the very first time?
Are we allowed to suggest that ‘everything’ is always new while it is always ‘the same’ until it is all worked through?

At a deep subconscious level this can be like a parallel experience where our inner journey uniquely matches the outer events.
It happens through our place within the family and the many roles we play.
And then what is so interesting is the impression that mankind as a whole is absorbing new frequencies of the light spectrum even as we are drawing in through breath different kinds of prana or vital force. We are living within a changing relationship to nutrition. As our biochemistry corresponds, the very nature of the blood will reflect it and a more vital pattern of health can emerge.

And if we are on a journey to live more directly from light and air then how may the recycling of history in today’s virus challenged world be working to the good?
One aspect that shows is the unlocking of the ‘life-force’ at the base of the spine.
While part of the epidemic is generated through fear, it is this through the ‘collective solar plexus’ that activates the life resource, the kundalini. And collectively this brings together the levelof spiritual merit which spontaneously dissolves boundaries and establishes constructive contact and exchange beyond the many varieties and differences in peoples, beliefs and systems of law and government.

As global immunity comes from living and being nourished more directly through light and air then so does global unity. The natural appreciation and response to the founding principles of all the Belief systems is dissolving superstition and a new relationship to the Angelic and Archangelic levels of culture and Being is happening.
The history and it karma of the next millennium can take us to the stars!


COMMENTS July 2020

Changes are emerging in the nature of existence and the many-life structures.
A different relationship to Families of Origin is emerging.
The place of the child in the family, the expression of the Soul through Gender and the nature of personality is altering.
Karmic time/space relationships are entering a new phase.
The dynamic tension between spirit and matter is of a changing order.
The invisible is becoming more visible and the material reality more subtle.
The indications are of Soul consciousness entering more fully into the pathways and structures of the brain and in parallel, higher light frequencies are flowing safely through the chakra system.  Health at a cellular level is rising above that of many present day bacterial and viral diseases.
The capacity of the inter-dimensional sense or ‘presence’ is closer to that of ‘enlightenment where we can bring and hold spiritual focus as a new norm.
In one way it this allows a sense of innerfreedom which suggests the dissolving of historical shadows   and then there is a shifting in the biochemical imprint of race and gender – which is clearly visible in current experience.
If this is subtle and gradual and without drama, then psychological imprinting will not overshadow the gifts and talents of the individual as they mature.  The hazards and challenges of incarnation to its ‘higher purposes is diminished and the ‘promise of a life’ remains intact.


COMMENTS June 2020

A spiritual seed buried deep within the collective consciousness of Mankind is beginning to stir.
The receptivity to frequencies of light from a distant supernova is the activator. This ‘cosmic wind of change’ is passing through many star systems. It awakens an impulse of transformation, a quantum leap into a higher level of Being.
Our Planet as a sentient Being is receptive and in partnership Mankind becomes part of it all. This is reflected in the Human Archetype
In a special sense the period of the last two and a half centuries culminates in the present period of light/dark challenge. The collective experience is revealing the level of mankind’s’ capacity to respond.

The principle of the chakra energy center in the throat is raising the creative impulse of the Base and Second chakras to their higher octave. There is an opening here that is similar to first breath at birth and the sound frequency that is our Soul Note.
Even as the Sun embraces the whole of the solar system in its fields, so our human auric fields surround and embrace our state of soul-presence.
The point is in the refining of the extent and strength of our ‘fields within which the creative forces of the Soul can express and enjoy fulfilling their projects in practical ways ‘beyond instinctive reactive survival. The next stage of mastering the brain in evolution is happening.
While this is subtle and gradual it is from this seed of the Family of Mankind growing into whole brain living and opening the full potential of an incarnation. A higher level of civilization and culture can be realized. The history of a future Spiritual Humanity that will take us to the stars is being written.


COMMENTS March 2020

Even as inner security is deeply challenged there is strengthening in the individual sense of space and presence in the world. There is also an impression of the kundalini life-force energy at the base of the spine being awakened ‘out of sequence and with this the sensitizing of the brow chakra center into new levels of informative awareness.
The primal fear of existence is changing allowing a freeing of energies flowing through the spine.
The compensatory survival patterns of childhood are then less dominant and compulsive and self-destructive choices not so attractive.
We live in times where research into the invisible is open to calculation and measure.. We have much data that takes us beyond the five senses. Parallel to current science and technology the subtle foundation for direct contact with Nature Beings and Forces is being established.

At a deep subconscious level the energetic status of he individual within he family is changing.. The experience of incarnation and the souls relationship to the earth is entering a more co-creative partnership. Family histories, the ‘sins of the fathers’ are then less present genetically. Future health becomes free of past misdemeanor bringing a new philosophy of wellness. Karma-wise we are really entitled to better genetics!
What does show is the awakening of a higher level of creativity and originality and this is like opening a direct line to the Luminous Beings who guide and inspire from a wavelength away.
The brow, solar plexus and second chakra centers are entering into alignment with Mankind’s ‘cosmic belonging’. A new experiencing and insight into spirituality can emerge.


COMMENTS June 2019

An openness to debate and speak freely brings the roots of prejudice into the light and dilutes an attraction to extremes.

The secrets of the Soul include the gift to see through the eyes of others.

Communication becomes a network of vital exchange as creativity is stimulated through differences encouraging progressive concepts to emerge.

Authority can be present through a sense of voluntary accord without the need for restriction or penalty – yet society is not maintained without the structure of law, or order breaks down and voluntary accord is soon overridden by the chemistry of survival.

While education prepares us to take our place ‘in the world’ the nature of the Soul will challenge the very conditioning of it all and we become our own best friends and worst enemies.

The anchoring of the Soul through the body and into time and space on the earth is like a vortex of light and colour.  It is a rainbow of frequencies working to continuously maintain equilibrium within the ‘forces that maintain existence’.

And more than ever this is centered through the spine and in alignment to the star-systems of our belonging.

There is a lightness coming in, a new calculation of balance between the gravity of the earth and the sun – and with this history does not weigh so heavily and collectively upon the new generations.

The nature of conception as our original anchor-point is revealing the soul-plan and purpose beyond a sense of prophecy.  Originality and synchronicity are like the mother of invention which suggests new directions into the structures of government, economy and the cooperation between countries and peoples free of the drag of the unfinished business of history..

Other understandings of democracy are able to emerge as the roots of races shift into the alignment of the Family of Man.

Life is becoming as a living answer to our unspoken prayers.



Even as decisions are made by elected representatives, energetically the whole community shows as carrying and sharing responsibility with more awareness – and perhaps this suggests movement in the evolution of democracy?

Looking in collectively, base chakra energy is empowering the frequency of the throat Chakra and so ‘the Voice of the People’.  This in turn is being focused energetically through the visionary brow chakra in both progressive and conservative. Ways.

Generally the energy fields of nations show more clear and vital.  The anchoring of a sense of collective identity is changing with movement away from historical labels.  Another experience of ‘our place in the world’ is emerging.

At the deep subconscious levels historical barriers are dissolving and other ways of accumulating and distributing resources are ‘happening’.

This involves the destiny of Nations.

Souls directly associated into formative historical patterns are again in positions of authority along with those who embody pioneering impulses carrying seeds of the future into the present.

It is not so much a battle between light and dark as the dissolving of fixed attitudes and interpretations.

A ‘spiritual chemistry is at work through the circulation.

There is a World Soul and also a Soul of each Nation.  These ‘Soul-Roots’ are anchored where the cosmic purpose of souls and nations is in continuous mediation with growth and experience in the material world – the evolution of mankind in relation to the evolution of the planet as a Being.

What is interesting are signs of a strengthening protective field against ‘forces’ that while empowering in some ways, are also often corruptive and even parasitic.  In the areas of Man’s inhumanity to Man there is a strengthening of Soul-Light through the heart center. This filters out and neutralizes discordant frequencies or we literally rise above them.

In general the management of nuclear power and the development of weapons of mass destruction are more constructively and safely managed and an appreciation of Cosmic Moral Law is present in the balance between mankind and nature.

The Family of Man is reflected through migration between so many countries where through conflict many old social structures have already crumbled.

The new generations are entering into the receptivity of all of this.  Revolution and evolution seem very close.



COMMENTS February 2019

With the deepening of vision and insight at a planetary level mankind is saturated with images, impressions, feelings and impulses that are inspiring and unsettling, clarifying and confusing.

The Cosmic Network is in continuous updating.  As as we focus while holding a clear intention, there is no shortage of corresponding response even as we also attract the interest of Higher Light Beings.

Individual response within the sharing of the collective network of harmonic resonances is often activated through cosmic light frequencies entering the Solar System in this part of space.

The inter-dimensional impact works upon the ‘silver cord – which anchors the higher self to the incarnation through the ‘still-point’ in the brain.

These ‘light-forces’ influence especially the link between the etheric body and the astral body and so to key memory areas around ages seven and fourteen.  This means that the childhood clairvoyance remains as the rational mind/brain develops.

The new generations are more naturally aware tino the subtle world and with this any attraction to mind-altering substances is diminished.  The maturing child is guided by its natural and instinctive ‘knowing’.

This in turn is active through the throat and heart centers, tuning all their corresponding systems to ‘soul-light frequencies’..

This manifests as a strong auric field which can filter-out and neutralize discordant or destructive frequencies.

With this, social structures are bound to change through less self-destructive choices along with a more consistent and constructive flow of the purpose and plan of the Soul within the incarnation.

This in turn will influence career choices and their corresponding values.

Young adults will travel the world through the media, communicate across historical barriers and build multi-ethnic families and cultures.  Subconscious control through the superstitions of belief-systems will be modified through direct experiences and the timeless beauty and truth within them will clear imposed dogma.

This makes it possible to re-discover ancient spiritual writings and relics and bring them ‘into the light’ without danger to any ‘authorities’.  More likely is the updating of the ‘Pathways to the Divine’. Awakening to a new level of intuitive and wise ‘authority’.

Harmonic neuro-endocrine resonance is able to support in strength and health a much more intense creative involvement in making a success of life.

Many more enlightened Souls will be queuing up to incarnate and contribute into the new times!




December 2017

During certain cosmic cycles the auric field of many lives may overshadow and infuse the energy-fields of the present life and inspire its purpose with light frequencies from the Higher Self. This can be appreciated as future impulses awakening specific tendencies in subtle and focussed ways.

For example in these times activity shows within the fontanelle areas of the brain where the natural clairvoyance of childhood is gently contained around age seven along with the emerging rational and intellectual faculties. This suggests that with todays analytical and scientific focus the horizons of awareness are expanding and this in turn is attracting the more advanced incarnating souls bringing an intuitive and heart-centred view into the way forward. ’Interdimensional living’ is happening. An anchoring of awareness through the awakening heart centre to the ‘Workshop of the Soul’ within the fifth dimension is allowing a secure entrance into the fourth dimensional or astral-body level of awareness. There is a more direct ‘flow-through’ between the cosmic destiny of mankind and the plan of this incarnation within its karmic disciplines. The repetitional tendencies of history with all of ‘mans inhumanity to man’ are diminishing so that the darkness entering our world can be more successfully contained and transformed.

Also interesting is the developing resonance between the third and fourth dimensional aspects within the crown chakra. In these times this shows as higher light frequencies flowing into the area of the corpus callosum that joins the two sides of the brain. With this within the child there is less pollution from the shadows of family and cultural history and a better balance within the anchoring of identity and gender.

At a deep subconscious level there is also a dissolving of shadows and shock around birth, allowing the healing of deep historical tension patterns within the solar plexus and a freeing-up of individual potential and originality through the throat chakra. The ‘karmic -heart’ is often foggy and suppressed giving rise to non-clarity within sexuality and spirituality and its consequence in religious dogma. The ‘soul-centred heart’ is more receptive to the ‘World Mother Presence’ which can narrow the divide within world politics and economics.

With all of this mankind is becoming closer to being able to manage the awakening forces of kundalini energies within the collective consciousness. Spirituality and technology through the management of an intuitive heart will need great Souls to lead us. Soul-centred choices taking mankind Ind into a higher octave of free-will be the challenge to break through the density of spiritual fatigue. Free energy to take us into a space age will need these future impulses under the guidance of their Arch-angelic Managers.


COMMENTS July 2017

Light circulation through the brain shows like an expanding universe. Receptivity to higher frequencies of light (stellar and cosmic light)is stimulating and transforming the brains synaptic complexity. At the cellular level there is an assimilation of starlight information. The brain is more like a cosmic reflection, a map of the cosmos specific even to the individual. This shows as working retrospectively into the alignment of the Soul ‘Life Plan’ from birth and through the early years. This in turn is embracing the full interdimensional alignment of the first twenty eight years. which holds a vision of a future world that is so often cloaked in forgetfulness.

Also interesting is the consequent cleansing of the shadow of historical imprints on the silver chord. The continuous updating of Higher-Self information is then maintained through the master ’still-point’ in the brain and so through the spine into cellular resonance.

The base chakra within the hologram of the brain shows as a key interdimensional anchor point. This acts as support to the heart centre which becomes like a metronome to which all body rhythms respond. There is a continuous re-tuning in process within the chakra system. Overall this is changing the nature of heart/mind-intelligence bringing the body as a whole brain into a more integrated function.

In terms of world affairs there is a strengthening of the sense of soul/spiritual identity and with this, a diminishing of any racial and belief-system sense of separateness. Instinct through the mammalian systems of the brain are becoming less dominant. Here we look for indications through leadership choices in government and political and economic negotiation.

All of this comes in a time of the surfacing of ancient fundamentalist forces.

All is supported and dependent really on the interdimensional project of sleep-state learning.

Progress here is reflected into the possibility of breakthroughs in areas of managing chronic diseases, and in all forms of addiction and social dysfunction.

The shadow imprints of history are mostly from unresolved static moments in time. They are always associated to loss and an aspect of death in some sense.

There is much to look forward to as the new generations mature and the idealistic impulses of this century become taken up in practical and exciting ways.


COMMENTS April 2017

We are living in times of an update of interdimensional customes and values. This is a state of refinement in consciousness. It is reflected into the structure and capacity of our energy fields, the activity within primary and secondary chakra systems and the purity and clarity of memory.

The experience around conception and birth and the evaporation in death are often filled with the shadows of ignorance and the suffering of separation. Meaning is filled with desperation more than information.

Where is the eye on life that suffers advantage through humor more than through the endless learning of lessons…? Shall the fear of death ever dominate delight?

Our legends condemn mankind in their first chapters to the lot of punishment for seeking knowledge. How much of value has been lost in the translation of the nature of a paradise? Why turn the essential celebration of existence into a conflict of light and dark and the value of incarnation into a judgment?

In some countries, crossing the road demands we look carefully in quite opposite directions.

It is good to know where we are placed. Law is universal while custom and even sin is often historical and geographical.

As the ignorance around birth and death clears so the formative experiences during growth and maturing are user-friendlier and the life-script is not fixed into the repetitional patterns of survival compensation. The sins of the fathers are filtered out and the soul presence by the 28th year of an incarnation is relatively clear and attuned to their higher self. This in turn allows life to respond more directly to its higher purpose.

What shows in the archetypical sense is a changing connection between the brow and throat chakras. This opens the sense of c originality through vision. It is the key to making a creative use of whatever and wherever our circumstances are.

This in turn awakens a clear flow through the solar plexus to the karmic matrix within the astral body.

The soul-light penetration is bringing in light frequencies that are dissolving ancient static shadow.

This is like awakening a new life into an ancient swamp, transforming the tendency to the repetition of man’s inhumanity to man.

Gradually the light frequency within every cell is being raised above the level of many of today’s diseases. The study and practice of Inter-dimensional Medicine is gaining momentum allowing time and resource to become available for opening new designs to living.

How resources are harnessed and shared will bring prosperity as well as a healthier environment and happier planet. Already in the spheres there are wonderful designs for tomorrow’s world carried by luminous souls prepared for the right timing for their incarnation.

A childhood clear of past shadows brings a renewal of the whole family tree into action. A beautiful pathway of light through the dimensions of consciousness. Our life-in these times is building a foundation for the next octave of consciousness possible for the soul in incarnation.

I wonder how this perspective compares with your insight and vision?!


COMMENTS January 2017

The light/dark struggle is in essence wisdom working within the awakening soul maintaining equilibrium between the evolutions of the Self within the pathway of service. History is being cleansed and the karmic processes of evolution are being updated.

The nature and opportunity of many incarnations is being brought into a whole. Light is uniting and the fog of mans inhumanity is being recycled. Consciousness within an awakening mind is the expanding universe. We are being discovered by our own higher Self. There is a readiness within the humanities in evolution to be drawn into new relationships within the hierarchies of Beings of Light. Mankind is being freed from the continuous cycle of rebirth and forgetfulness into the freedom of the creative vision of the source of his own existence. Forgetfulness is not an obligation. We are entering the time of self-remembering.

The value of where we are is in the state of preparedness that we have reached collectively.

All of this is alive within the awakening of whole-brain living centered through the heart that is harmonic to our soul plan and purpose. The essence of all the great World Teachers and the impulses that have been realised through them is becoming the fabric of our existence. The cleansing of history means that the spiritual path of each individual is alive and well. The ‘karmic classroom’ is becoming a university of life. We can begin to take responsibility for remembering our self. This is the partnership of God, nature and Mankind at work and a new eye to view the world as it is unfolding in these times.


COMMENTS December 2016

There is a shift away from traditional social structures. This is opening society into a space of opportunity for the new generations who carry a quite different vision from their families and cultural histories.

This is altering the structure and content of educational systems and with this, dissolving through the ‘new people’, traditions and beliefs that the expanding levels of awareness can no longer hold to. In this there is no disrespect. It is really a process of refinement.

The nature of the brain as an instrument for conscious life is under a form of growth pressure. The heart as an organ and an energy vortex is rapidly becoming the center of the body as a whole brain. Our bodies in turn are becoming available as an encyclopedia of the universe. Through this the consciousness of the soul can expand the expression of its mysterious creative purposes.

A different quality of energy is awakening within the body. It is active from the cellular level allowing neuron-endocrine function to be both resilient and sensitive. A different definition of health and disease is emerging.

Soul-light penetration has been ‘in process’ over some centuries waiting improved chakra capacity. These impulses can now emerge through voluntary choice and intuitive recognition. Authority is being shared through the raising of the common level. Heart centered intelligence is becoming a state of communication with the living intelligence of the laws of scientific discovery.

Within the deeper levels of consciousness the anchoring of the ‘soul-plan’ through the brow chakra is directly dissolving attitudes, fixations and binding vows. They are certainly there to challenge and test progress – even while they are being ‘updated’.

Parallel to this, the higher light frequencies through the brow chakra are awakening throat center qualities that carry soul-light originality. The heart energy is entering into areas of survival and compulsion bringing them into service to the high ideals.

There are many resources laid down in past eras of evolving humanity that are opening in response to present day challenges.

For example, there is research into new ways managing of nuclear waste.

Heart-centered minds are investigating energy sources to free worldwide the dependence of fossil fuels and to take the nuclear option out of the equation.

Economically all of mankind can reasonably soon be raised out of poverty.

While in themselves these areas of progress are very encouraging, the deeper purpose is in the emancipation of the human spirit. And this becomes a new foundation to the nature of existence. The consciousness of the Soul is upon a threshold of establishing itself as a co-creator within the mystery of its own existence.


COMMENTS July 2016

Looking into the hologram of mankind in these times, there is much interdimensional activity in process. It is more as a clearing-up, a preparation really for the receptivity of ever-higher frequencies of light.

The focus is both into the astral body matrix and the early stages of growth after birth. The pressures of the first years after birth often trigger a repetition of deep-seated patterns from ancient times. These areas of collective thought or belief are being activated from their inertia into a healing movement and flow. Through this, the deep subconscious areas become more receptive to ‘light updating’.

Mostly the brow chakra manages the unwinding and interweaving of continually varying light energies. Body systems are being realigned to earth rhythms, organs to planetary principles and the brain through the chakra system is being re-calibrated to

the changing light forces entering from old and new star systems.

Life rooting which is essentially instinctive is being anchoring through the heart and throat centers. This is raising the pressures of existence above the ‘fear of life’ level. Early lower colon ‘tensions’ that are associated into our alignment to the material side of life, are altering for the better. This suggests that there is an underlying sense of change happening within how economies are managed and shared.

There is an energising of liver and kidney function that is an aspect of dealing more effectively with the toxic factors in food and environment.

The flow through interdimensional teamwork is showing a more consistent pattern.

The receptivity to inspiration from the Light Teachers is becoming more easily and clearly appreciated.

In the astral body, patterns of the ‘fear of death’ deep within the solar plexus that is also associated to guilt, shame and blame is transforming. This is allowing higher-self guidance to come through without distortion and appears a big step forward.

None of this seems of a confrontational or over dramatic nature.

More it is the increasing impulse through ‘those of goodwill’ bringing opportunities for creative growth and improvement amongst every level of humanity.


COMMENTS March 2016

The chakra system of the Humanities both on the planet and in the spheres is showing a more complete and unified flow. Within this there is no static. All is in constant momentum where time gathers up the values, the essences of mankind’s experience and releases the many outer forms of happenings.

The challenge in this process is where so much surfaces simultaneously. It passes through human collective memory stirring up regressive thought patterns on its way into the light of their dissolving. This can become as history repeating until it burns and cleanses itself out.

There is a space between community life standards and rewarding living and working opportunities. It is through this area that the unfulfilled separative ambitions of times past enter under the labels of extreme belief systems. The new generations will be focusing their choices into this area.

First is through the softening of the rigidity of repetitional dogma. This is at work within the deep subconscious collective that belongs to the original specialisation of the root races. Parallel to this is in the anchoring of the higher-self through the astral body into the crown chakra. This is linking the universal into the personal. It works directly into family and national shadows and the areas of the brain managing mammalian/reptilian instincts. The ‘soul family light frequencies’ are entering deeply into the solar plexus. Through this there is a lifting of conscious focus above the ‘animal brain’. The ritualistic struggle within relationships and hierarchies is transforming into ways where the essential equality of all souls incarnates into human challenge. Values are raised above reactive personality based conflicts.

Then, there is light-field protection over the sensitivity of the psyche as a new balance establishes itself within the union between the inner and outer life. It will remain till the individual becomes more self-responsible within a voluntary collective.

This is made possible throughout mankind by the deepening and more conscious anchoring of incarnation through the ‘workshop of the soul’, the plan behind each life. And this opens into a light guidance and navigation system through the many distractions of the lower aspects of the astral world. In bringing inner clarity and consistency mankind may then enter the fourth dimension consciously and safely.

This may all seem rather out of reach in the shadows of todays tendency to fragmentation and aggression. Yet there is a space opening within the imaginative receptivity of the children that also includes the integration of the inner child into its adult self. It is activating a spiritual immune response to destructive forces that are present.

And if this is not purely hopeful rhetoric then in these next seasons there will surely be indicators encouraging the value of the collective contribution of each and every one of us.


COMMENTS Dec/Jan 15/16

The evolution of mankind is being overshadowed by cosmic frequencies of light beyond ordinary calculation. As a whole, the path of the evolution of the humanities has attained a sufficient and consistent level to be taken into a higher stage of responsibility in universal measure.
This is already anchored within the higher levels of the fourth and fifth dimensionsand the deep collective network of consciousness. It becomes a reservoir from which all begin to draw according to merit.
Those moving ahead are obliged share in the preparation of all needing extra support for the change.
Gradually the interdimensional filters are transforming historical shadow in relation to repetitional history and separative beliefs.
It is in fact a multi-levelled project – as mankind moves forward and up, it is in concert with other parallel evolutions.
Some might say that all this is talking of a distant future. Yet it is visible and active close to the consciousness of collective man, even now.
There are elements of cosmic activity descending towards the earth even as we are being drawn into these higher orbits.
The future of our world is already happening at higher frequencies and this is a powerful transformational influence.
Very ancient karmic history is dissolving. The whole relationship between the Earth as a sentient Being and Mankind is altering. The nuclear oscillation within the physical form is becoming more etherial. We are separating from the material Earth and beginning to rise above the inevitability of physical death.
Many spiritual systems have completed their contribution and are entering into the universal embrace of their source and union.
All this is of course very subtle and must emerge almost unnoticed for it is a collective movement through individual inner leadership.
It becomes visible even as outwardly such powerful light and dark forces are engaged in conflicts without borders.
While we may at present calculate more through the measure of man’s inhumanity, the force of his divinity is greater than it has ever been.
We are entering into living a third dimensional life from a fourth and fifth dimensional level of consciousness.

The Photography of the Psychic Influence
extract from The Courageous Journey by Ronald P Beesley

The photography of the psychic influences is complex and we have to stretch the imagination to take in this aspect of the psyche. Photography is a natural phenomenon of nature built into the genetic coding . Every animal and plant has a blue-print of its own pattern, its growth, seed and eventual fruit. There is a built-in guidance system both by visible and invisible resources which is able for the whole extent of that life, to control and influence it. To teach it through this form of photography whereby the psyche is instructor to the self within.

Perhaps one of the most natural examples of this phenomena is the collection of swallows on a line waiting for the moment to go. When the winds will be favourable and the food will be there, the sun in the right position and little cloud. They will fly by night and day on their uncharted course following an invisible photograph impregnated into the very egg from which they came. It is only just beginning to be recognised that the mystique of this silent information is a part of the personality built-in system of invisible awareness which can feel the consciousness at its deeper levels. Either awake or asleep this constant information, this inflow and outflow of subtle vibration and invisible reflexes is moving and stirring through the whole continent of the mind.

Telepathy is the transference of pictures created by the psyche from mind to mind. It is made possible because the psyche is magnetic and has the ability to inject itself into another’s magnetic spiral. Today we have digital recording that can be translated into light, colour. sound and movement. What was a static vibration an be made to come to life and be a continuous and permanent record of an event.

The psyche is like a digital recording in many ways collecting the co-related information, transferring it into its own mental pictures and forming a world of its own – an entirely different world of knowing, a world of feeling that we did not learn and were not told or gain by reading books. These are invisible teach-in knowledge methods in which the psyche is continually gathering all these impressions, these stimulants within its own magnetic field and feeding them back as knowledge, information and wisdom.

The psyche is not a vague entity able to call u things beyond the grave or describe ancestors. It is the photographic history of the universe in which we have all the information of planets and stars, of minerals and ores, the whole photography of the planets history. All is built into the sub-structures, all is readable. Whether they be dinosaurs or plants or fossils, movements of mountains glaciers and forests. All things which have gone – they are all there in the rock face to be read, photographed in the image of their own destruction. The atom for instance. An atomic bomb actually photographs what it is going to destroy, creating a perfect facsimile, photographed onto the soil which can be seen from an aircraft. A most uncanny thing, the atom burnt out yet leave behind a living scar.

However we are more interested in this phenomena when we deal with human personality because here is an area of communication which has been rather closed to us. It has been called black magic because it may appear to infringe on private information, the secret life. But we are finding that there are no secrets any more. All things are known, all things exist, the secrecy is only in the mind of the individual. For instance, the aura depicts the history of the whole epoch of the previous incarnations entwined into this living auric structure – an area of recording which can be used not only for information but guidance if correctly interpreted in the light of karmic knowledge.

Up to now the personality has been persecuted by the psyche. Most people are afraid of the unknown in their fears trying to limit this. Yet the curtain they fear to pull aside is sensitivity and this is increasing. As sensitivity increases so also do the psyche and spiritual forces become much more aware of the conscious existence of other things.. In turn this awareness is gradually increasing within each generation until at last the state of the unknown will become the natural.