Light and Colour awareness and application influences our everyday life. Light gives life. Visible light becomes every colour. Life manifests through light, colour and sound. Colour into form. Throughout history light and colour have been a vital part of healing and of spiritual life. Colour into the environment, nutrition, fitness and into our psychological and spiritual life uplifts consciousness, awakens insight and opens the intuition. Colour is pioneering working upon the threshold of interdimensional living. The prospects of opening through Colour and Light in these times are remarkable and exciting. Dear Friends Our Colour Work is entering its next phase. We are expanding the Colour Distant Treatment Programme in support of our Students in their life and work. With all Students past and present, we offer one Colour Distant Treatment Series a year at half the usual fee. The Programme extends over 14 weeks. Special sections in the Colour Room have been opened: 1. For those in Practice and in all Professions, we will, on your request, ‘hold with you in the light’ in your work. We then ask you to update your request every 3 months. 2. Emergency Colour Support is offered for any Clients passing through a period of difficulty and challenge. We then ask to be updated every 6 weeks. 3. You may know people who have conditions that appear terminal and others who have long-term illnesses. There is a special section to ‘hold with them in the light’. We then ask to be updated every 3 months. 4. With our Friends and Colleagues who run their own educational programmes and workshops, there is a section to support their work. Here with the request, we need the schedule. 5. If you work in a Retirement Home or with Children or Adults with Special Needs, there is a section to support your work. Here, an on-going communication as needed is helpful. 6. We also have sections in support of world leaders, special conferences, areas of conflict and emergency, the partnership between man and nature in support of endangered species, climate change and the organizations and sciences involved. There is a fee for the Distant Colour Treatment Series. All other areas of Light/Colour support are free. There is no charge, but donations are welcome. We are pleased to respond to all questions and are open to suggestions to expand the light and colour support. The Light/Colour support attracts a network of like-minded men and women in complete freedom. We only need to maintain communication, that the system circulates effectively. We wish you well in all you are doing. Peter Goldman We offer Distant Colour Treatment and Emergency Colour Support.