White Lodge Letter – February 2019

by Peter Goldman

Dear Friends,
Welcome to the new year of Light Work in a period where the unfinished business of history shows as at meeting point within most every aspect of life. There is an incoming tide of incarnations associated to the historical networks of civil wars and the divine right given to royalty and religious leaders. There is a surfacing of suspicion between countries even as it seemed Peoples could live without borders and travel and work more openly and freely.
Through the Light/Colour focus, the roots that have anchored the Primary Races are more active into their universal belonging through all that has emerged in specialized ways. It is a spiritually focused journey from awakening through diversity into basic freedoms within a unity of agreement about human rights, dignity and suffrage.
At a deep subconscious and collective level, the Soul-Light of individuality is not so fully submerged into group identity.
History is being viewed and reviewed while political ideology is emerging into societies of increasing and improving clarity in communication and freedoms in choice. This is ongoing worldwide
even in the midst of the constant conflict between light and dark.
The point is that as the individual is better educated and better nourished, the charisma of demigods is diminishing – which suggests that psychically and psychologically peoples in general are not so easily manipulated or their choices imposed
All round there is a raising of standards while along with the greater freedoms are the impulses and parasitic forces of addiction and compulsion. The management of crime and punishment is showing signs of self-management.
Spiritual teaching is flowing though a great variety of inspirational sources. And the Inner-School is active as an extraordinary organization during both waking and sleeping hours.
What this suggests is less philosophical and much more about self-management and people helping people.
The Great Teachers are becoming visible through the life and work of their Students engaging into the recycling of the static shadows of history.We wish each other a rewarding year filled with spiritual adventure!