White Lodge Letter – Jan ’24

Dear Friends,

From  the foundations of our philosophy of life we draw new strength in moving forward in these times.  A Soul awakening harvests resources of the deep subconscious reservoir.  No experience is ever lost, its value responding to the moment of its belonging and contribution.

The expansion of the heart centre into pathways of growth is an inter dimensional correspondence to the star light frequencies of our belonging.  A ‘world heart’ is forming bringing new attitudes within belief systems opening new relationships with the Angelic and nature Beings and forces

A heart/crown ‘alliance’ like a solar system in miniature is freeing  holistic experience through the chakra system –  a circulation of relationship and belonging, vitally active within world events.

This is as an assimilation of essence into an expansion of True Being.  Repetition evolves into a fuller sense of Presence, and wholeness.

It is subtle and without phenomena. – the growth of spirit within Mankind is happening.

White Lodge as a voluntary association of ‘like-minded searchers and researchers’ is practically and virtually sharing in a world of new histories happening.

In the Colour Work the Michael and Gabriel Forces are active in refining sensitivity and awareness. News and information sharing does not blanket out original insight and the individual remains clear within the collective. In this kind of democracy new leaders responsive to the highest ideals can emerge. The ‘old order is changing’. A creative and vitally interesting Family of Mankind is emerging.

We welcome each other into new times and opportunities on a foundation of the richness of our heritage.

We all join in love and light to wish each other well in looking forward.



White Lodge Letter – Jan ’23


Dear Friends,

The Books and Talks of Ronald Beesley and the Talks of Peter Goldman are now available through our website for downloading without charge. These are times perhaps to revisit the ideas of all the Spiritual Teachers and Schools that have been as guides into these times. In one sense they have encouraged that Mankind is on the threshold of conscious fourth dimensional living and have also been as preparation for the awakening of Intuitional Awareness.

The collective Plan of Soul Groups and Individual Karmic patterns are bringing relevant ‘unfinished historical business’ into the everyday world. In another way there is also an activating of the star-map of our belonging.

Our Solar System is moving through an area of space receptive to Stella frequencies harmonic to cosmic relationships that emerge as a subtle network or star-map a within the awakening brain at birth.

The interweaving of these frequencies with our sunlight gently and subtly is bringing all terrestrial life into a higher octave. The world is in transition. The nature of light and dark beyond superstition is a quality of spiritual strength and soul integrity, It is the essence of all Belief Systems. The surfacing and transformation of historical ‘unfinished business’ are todays challenges through the soul-mastering of the body-brain potential. We are part of the awakening of a new world order through spiritual discovery and creative adventure individually and collectively as a World Family.

We look forward to sharing in your side of the story and wish you wonderful spiritual insights and discoveries!
In love and light,





White Lodge Letter – Summer ’22

Dear Friends,

Through the harmonic resonance  of our belonging a balance between Mankind and other Beings and Forces is maintained. Implicit within this  is the gradual mastering of the evolving body-brain by the incarnating Soul as all life moves forward together.  

 A key aspect is in the  the forces of survival.

Our belief systems offer purpose and structure to the nature of existence.  The forces of survival are bound into this in ways that often bring unreasoning division and conflict through differences in interpretation.

There is a middle way like a golden thread that unites through an intrinsic common purpose, bringing humanity into  into a whole planetary family.

Looking in through the Colour Work of the Light Scientists in these times, there is the possibility of a new order emerging out of historical chaos.  The focus is into the Soul in incarnation mastering ‘the survival brain’ as Mankind awakens upon the threshold of higher or fourth  dimensional reality, 

In one aspect the horizons of insight and awareness are expanding, corresponding to an emergence of ‘karmic memory’ infusing reason with intuition and clearing   superstition  and fear of the unknown.

There is spontaneous encouragement in the air to make a better use of what we already know.  

The soul in incarnation  has a freedom to be nourished through its improving starlight receptivity and our work continues to encourage Great Souls to enter.

We are sharing in remarkable times!





White Lodge Letter – Dec ’21 – Jan ’22

Dear Friends,

There is a spirit of optimism in the foundations of the New Year. Energies flowing along the spine are filled with ‘starlight frequencies that carry cosmic vision to the Soul.  In the hologram of the brain, a gradual updating, an alignment into tomorrow, is at work.  Emerging out of the pandemic and its complex historical shadow is clarity and simplicity.  

Vital response in the living moment is founded in the auric fields.  Their integrity anchors the incarnating experience. 

 Within the nature of existence primal fear is dissolving and a higher harmonic in the ‘Planetary Family’ is emerging.

Meantime the virtual world is practical in ways that are much like the Inner School sleep-state experience.  Meditation, contemplation and daydreaming are having a more profound significance.  Separation becomes a level more than a space.  Technology is actualizing subtle capacities.

Through our web site all lectures and many of the books of Ronald Beesley are available for downloading.  

In the Distant Colour Work the Light Scientists continue to focus on the ‘points of significance in incarnation’. The nature of memory is deepening, to incorporate many lives and dimensions.  First in entertainment and fantasy and then through the new generations, who look for confirmation of their far- memory. The ‘New People’, today’s children, are prepared for and belong to ‘tomorrows world’.  Conflict and conquest in earth history and extremist elements within belief systems are challenges to the incarnating Soul in managing and mastering an evolving body-brain. Human rights and the inequalities of static customs are attracting clearer, wiser social visionaries. 

The Colour Work along with parallel inter-dimensional projects is bringing the vision of Ronald Beesley into reality. 

The contribution of Spiritual Psychotherapeutics is into the preparation in incarnation for the safe and reliable awakening of intuition as mankind enters into higher dimensional states in partnership with Angelic Beings and the Nature Forces.  We are perhaps entering into the most significant periods of our incarnation.

As the energies of conflict are channeled into planetary emergencies so resources are focused creatively into a reverence for all life.

New ways to meet and share are a new normal.  Dare to Care becomes Dare to Share across novel boundaries.

All of us at White Lodge join in great love and light with our friends and colleagues to wish you health and happiness into a New Year filled with spiritual adventure and discovery.  We look forward to sharing in your news…….!

Peter Goldman and Team       



White Lodge Letter – January 2021

by Peter Goldman

Dear Friends,

While so much in today’s world is locked down there is also the parallel experience.  Energetically this can be as new shoots emerging from deep within memory.  A renewal of expression, sunrise upon ancient landscapes streaming into dormant information in seed form that from long ago now becomes as a memory of tomorrow. The whole experience of an incarnating soul within a body-brain is embraced. 

Individuality then awakens more whole within the frame of the collective. The blanket of forgetfulness is diminished and the primal fear of existence is informed with an instinctive knowing of a continuity of Being.  Within the roots of the races superstition within belief systems is replaced by direct vision.  A union between science and mysticism flowers and new life can remember itself, its significant history and ‘soul-plan’.

The miracle that manifests gradually is no less than if in an instant, except that a familiarity with change avoids the extremes of dogma and as a whole. Mankind takes pride in itself.

Streaming in through the Light and Colour Work at this time are frequencies from star-systems to which many in incarnation today, are related.  This flows into earths’ atmosphere with the solar rays and becomes as a counterpoint to atmospheric pollution  

A parallel to this within memory enters specifically into the cycles and stages of growth through the first 28 years of life, bringing a sense of completion, balance and wholeness within.  The strange and fatalistic shadows of karma, our concealed history directly related to present time and space, become more as visions of opportunity.  Through all this, evolving mankind enters more safely into new dimensions of conscious experience.

In subtle ways we are experiencing the threshold of Angelic Culture and an environment of unfamiliar forces and Beings.  The shadows of historical self-destructive patterns lift and a clear experience of the partnership between  Universal Presence, Nature and Mankind is carried in through the new generations.

The White Lodge Work that we share within the network of harmonic resonance belongs to the foundations of such an interesting cycle where the horizons of history include an informed study of the future with another way of the experiencing of time, as a new normal.

We now look forward in the next seasons to discovering other forms of sharing and exchange and, to your feedback with stories of your spiritual adventures and discoveries. 

We wish each other well and look forward together !

In love and light from all at White Lodge,