White Lodge Letter – May 2020

by Peter Goldman

Dear Friends,

At White Lodge/ The Centre of New Directions, we have entered a new year within the inter-dimensional project involving the surfacing and dissolving of historical shadows and the expanding receptivity to light frequencies that inspire change in the nature and structure of civilization.

At a deep subconscious level Belief Systems are flowing toward a synthesis through tolerance. Economy and trade are more a world structure. Communication and education is expanding and informing receptive hearts and minds less dominated by ideology.

The challenge to world health is dissolving boundaries, leaving less space for fixed historical attitudes and prejudice.
A new form of democracy is emerging.

Parallel to this it is interesting to observe the development of a new structure to the Colour/ Light work.
The focus of the Light-Science is into supporting soul-focus within incarnation. This is not so much a remembering of earlier lifetimes. It clears shadows of family and cultural history. Childhood reactive imprint dissolves. The clarity of karmic value is protected. The Higher Nature of the individual is more able to creatively assimilate education and life experience and manage the temptations of their generation.
The Soul is then secure within the network of its harmonic resonance, allowing for synchronicity without superstition to happen.
There is an alignment through the roots of all races to their spiritual gifts even while a ‘Planetary Human Being’ emerges.
As virtual technology becomes a norm so our sleeping and waking states are not separated by forgetfulness. Mind relationship to spiritual communion awakens to ‘whole brain’ living.
All our studies and experiences are being employed ‘to the good’. The network of ourbelonging is now a discipline within another sense of freedom.

We wish you a year of spiritual adventure and discovery and look forward to sharing in your news and views!