White Lodge Letter – January 2021

by Peter Goldman

Dear Friends,

While so much in today’s world is locked down there is also the parallel experience.  Energetically this can be as new shoots emerging from deep within memory.  A renewal of expression, sunrise upon ancient landscapes streaming into dormant information in seed form that from long ago now becomes as a memory of tomorrow. The whole experience of an incarnating soul within a body-brain is embraced. 

Individuality then awakens more whole within the frame of the collective. The blanket of forgetfulness is diminished and the primal fear of existence is informed with an instinctive knowing of a continuity of Being.  Within the roots of the races superstition within belief systems is replaced by direct vision.  A union between science and mysticism flowers and new life can remember itself, its significant history and ‘soul-plan’.

The miracle that manifests gradually is no less than if in an instant, except that a familiarity with change avoids the extremes of dogma and as a whole. Mankind takes pride in itself.

Streaming in through the Light and Colour Work at this time are frequencies from star-systems to which many in incarnation today, are related.  This flows into earths’ atmosphere with the solar rays and becomes as a counterpoint to atmospheric pollution  

A parallel to this within memory enters specifically into the cycles and stages of growth through the first 28 years of life, bringing a sense of completion, balance and wholeness within.  The strange and fatalistic shadows of karma, our concealed history directly related to present time and space, become more as visions of opportunity.  Through all this, evolving mankind enters more safely into new dimensions of conscious experience.

In subtle ways we are experiencing the threshold of Angelic Culture and an environment of unfamiliar forces and Beings.  The shadows of historical self-destructive patterns lift and a clear experience of the partnership between  Universal Presence, Nature and Mankind is carried in through the new generations.

The White Lodge Work that we share within the network of harmonic resonance belongs to the foundations of such an interesting cycle where the horizons of history include an informed study of the future with another way of the experiencing of time, as a new normal.

We now look forward in the next seasons to discovering other forms of sharing and exchange and, to your feedback with stories of your spiritual adventures and discoveries. 

We wish each other well and look forward together !

In love and light from all at White Lodge,