Colour Reflections


Evolution is a moving energy and doesn’t take kindly to static forms which can be challenging for all species but within this process we find comfort especially now in Nature. Spring time is a time of renewal, regeneration and hope, a blessed time for all of us. Nature is our teacher, our inspiration, our giver of faith creating a real sense of belonging. Her gift is the abundance of yellow daffodils and endless blue bells particularly at this time as a joy uplifting our spirits, creating pleasure in our emotions as though our Earth Spirits grant compassion on Human Beings Yellow’s vibration radiates Light, generating clarity and positivity, and uplifting joy, illuminating the darkness on all levels of consciousness.

On the higher vibrational levels of consciousness Violet, Blue and Indigo encourage our souls to  recollect and re connect our divine origins of true values that all Human Beings hold deeply within. Darkness and Light serve each other one revealing inconsistencies and the other creating change to a higher awareness. How precious vibrational colours of Light are as they gently enfold all life encouraging each one of us to trust and believe that a great compassionate energy will protect and save us. We pray for all those who suffer. Love is never greater than during this time.



How enduring and compelling the presence of violet is at this time, enfolding each one of us as we struggle to find stability and purpose. Evolution is an ever present force urging us to open our awareness as incoming light exposes unchanging consciousness, static memories and patterns of behavior. Divine Love is never greater or more compassionate as Human Beings struggle with confusion, uncertainty and despair – to remember that we are not alone, to reconnect our spiritual origins.

Let us be still and feel nature’s expertise to renew itself – embrace every shade and vibration of green, to rejuvenate  life, hope, balance. Bask in its gentleness and glory. See ourselves as in a state of metamorphosis changing every level of our being like as caterpillar into a butterfly that flies freely.

We need every vibration of colour to help us find a moment of peace- soothing blue/indigo where we can listen inwardly, release old memories, reconnect to our inner senses; listen to our deeper needs. Warmer vibrations to open our minds to encourage and inspire and clarify our minds to new possibilities – then like the butterfly – fly into a new reality.



Autumn is an especially beautiful time when all life returns to earth, to basics, fundamentals. To observe leaves of russet/golden tones gently falling in a symphony of surrender back into the arms of Mother Earth. A natural evolving process of Nature, more difficult for us as Human Beings, especially in these challenging times but at a deeper level we can feel the stillness and compassion of the Divine within our hearts and souls to encourage us to release our own fixed memories and fears. To invoke the spirit of unity, of shared experiences and simple needs.
We need encouragement and the quality of HOPE; rays of golden light to bring clarity within an atmosphere of confusion and doubt. The forces of Nature are within us reawakening our sense to belong, trust and move on.
It is not easy to see the colours of such compassionate absorption and transformation- they are so deep and unfathomable but within nature and the changing consciousness of Mankind, colours of light emerge to revitalise all life – white, delicate greens, blues and yellows bringing qualities of hope and renewal.
Let’s embrace the colours of light, of renewal and hope.



It is a strange reshaping time when we seem to be pushed forwards and yet thrown backwards at the same time – a time of extremes.
Translucent colours from the highest dimensions enfold the Human Spirit reminding us of where we have come from, of being a part of a Divine plan. Have we forgotten? Sometimes the innermost situations give us space to reflect. The colours are pink, violet, light blues and some so elusive it is hard to grasp. The feeling is one of total unconditional love and compassion.

At the other extreme, we are all thrown into immovable confusion which shockingly seems to come from nowhere- colours are mixed, mostly earthly. In between both states of consciousness the colour indigo acts like a bridge of light connecting the memory of a higher realisation and one of uncertainty. Being restricted and constrained feels like we are trapped, nowhere to go or move outside of ourselves. Our vulnerabilities are challenged as well as our strengths. Regrettably in all extremes of energy and consciousness confusion brings in negative aspects as well as positive. For those who live in dangerous conditions. We enfold them with vibrations of the deepest love and support radiating colours of pink and cobalt blue.

Indigo with its beautiful depth of reality within the Third Eye chakra allows us to look within to a simpler form of existence, to remember times past where life was confined but it brought out the best in all of us remembering the values of life – less is more.

The pleasure of assisting others in need and the joy of rediscovering nature in all her glory gladdens the heart. Green brings in a rejuvenation of the human spirit and the realisation that we are a part of all life.

For those who choose to return to spirit within this testing time, we surround them with compassion and joy, accepting that it is their soul decision. Imagine the light and love that receives them.

It feels as though the aurora borealis is in evidence with all its cosmic display; usually seen in high altitudes as a disturbance in the magnetosphere, radiations of colours streaming invisibly connecting dimensions, reawakening memories, thought processes, emotional needs and sensory awareness. It is a gift- one that we may all benefit from.



Can we imagine that there are lines of communications between the Higher Dimensions and Earth like threads of light radiating throughout the entire Universe and beyond.

Each point of connection is inspired by Light Beings who work for the continuity of creation; each interdimensional point shimmering with colours according to their specialty, history and response between Heaven and Earth; each colour reflecting the essential needs at any given time for the overall wholeness of our universe. Let’s think of integration rather than separation. Earth is part of the Solar System, planets, and asteroids and comets circling the sun though we tend to think of ourselves as alone, so what happens to us affects all and visa versa. We belong together. Embrace this thought and fact that the colour Magenta is Light’s good companion radiating behind its powerful energy in dream state or for fleeting moments early morning and as the evening sun sets connecting us to our inner light.

Magenta is a reminder of the first dawning of consciousness first experienced through the etheric as it links to the inner qualities of the soul. With this hope fills our being much needed now in times of confusion and uncertainty.

Visualise the beauty of dawn breaking at each point of light within the Earth at different times zones each frequency of colour emerging as if a spiritual alchemist is its creator using magenta to embrace all life. It only needs a moment- a fleeting moment for the message to come into sight, then again as a celebration if reappears at sunset as the light fades. The quality of hope is ever within us, let us embrace it with all our hearts.

As I reflect into the colours in these times, I think about the issues we face on planet Earth today, I feel into colours of violet raising the consciousness of man, green with its quality of regeneration and balance and restoration within Nature, gold to bring in a higher wisdom and pink for unconditional love – then for some intriguing reason my mind turns to the Essenes the Brotherhood and Sisterhood way back in 100BCE where Jesus was born. This was a community who lived a simple way of life that respected nature, the elements and all aspects of life. Some refer to them as ‘ The Preparers of the Way’ or ‘Sons of Light’. There were groups found on the shores of lakes and rivers in such areas as Israel, Egypt and Syria away from cities and towns where they practiced lives of simplicity and purpose, openness to evolving consciousness and a connection with nature and cosmic forces and so much more to do inner healing.

If this image is circulating within my mind, I know that it lies within the atmosphere so others may invoke this longing and sense of belonging, to bring back such beauty and harmony into our living and being today.

What colours come forth, which colours reflect the power and purpose needed now? Would they be different from the early centuries or would they manifest different qualities to meet new frequencies now? My mind feels into peach blossom a colour that is said to hover between magenta and cobalt blue and violet- this colour encourages consciousness of the head towards a deeper awareness within the heart. Gold too flows easily hopefully remembering old wisdoms and later viridian green to bring in healing, restoration and balance.

Allow these beautiful energies to ascend and expand bringing all that was precious in the time of the Essenes to our time on Earth now.