Cosmic Tales


Where time or light speed is no measurement, nor heat nor cold an obstacle, it is the relative frequencies of light and dark awareness that refer to the state or capacity of an Inter-dimensional Traveller to be a conscious and co-creative instrument of Divine Purpose. Cosmic Principle and Law is ever present and never not. Creation in action is what happens in the immediate. Cosmic generosity is spontaneous opportunity at work. `Prediction’ includes the principle of variation at work. Every aspect of evolution is also evolving within itself, while all is already known itt is not fixed in rational terms. The dreaming mind when centered to a purpose and design is limitless. The hierarchies of Angelic Beings work with the alchemy of awakening specific soul talents and gifts. This is active into the finest subatomic levels where even small changes influence the emergence of cosmic events which can shape the nature and landscape of galaxies and the flow of the evolving humanities amongst the stars.

The collective work of Schèn and DS was now advancing well in its preparation. It was the manifestation of a cosmic concept through the union of intention and one pointed focus. A state of attraction into right action through harmonic resonance. It is the breath of life at work – the in-breath of the vision and the out-breath its manifestation.

DS was reviewing some of the projects that were continually updating their information. For example, the charting of interdimensional space that was as yet not under the full command of the Archangelic Managers. With this was the estimation of integrity. The safety integrity quotient. This was measured in wavelengths of light and open to manipulation on occasion when under intense light/dark stress during the later Atlantean times for example. There was a period where the containment at certain boundaries was overridden. This is always connected with the transferring of generative and regenerative information of manifestation. One aspect of this imbalance was in the penetration of forces that became parasitic on entering into dimensions where they were not assigned. There is divine purpose in all creation and when this happens the course of evolution is challenged. There was much work being done to redress this balance. It was also partly because of the stage of mankind’s relative maturity and the curiosity to venture even ‘where Angels fear to tread this became battlegrounds in every aspect of individual wellbeing and social cohesion.

How many eyes to ‘see through’ – The DS Team needed to enter into a level termed ‘Universal Judgment’ to appreciate the purity or polarised intention of focused creative impulses. DS shared with his Colleagues the feeling that the level of perfection within the tidal flow of cosmic purpose through the spiritual Hierarchies was itself challenged by forces that were as yet unknown.

This was not really a light/dark challenge though through the eyes of the DS Beings such a question was being proposed to the Oversoul Level.

The answer appearing before their inner eye emerged out of the heart/mind assimilation of divine geometrical formulae. The language of creative intention that acts consistently through all dimensions and at all times is a mathematical resonance – It is spoken the way that mind functions. In the metaphorical mind digestion/assimilation becomes a joining and sharing of creative vision.

The Universal Mind improves itself through expressing itself. One aspect of its work is to recognise the difference between what is not perfect and yet part of the ‘perfect plan’ and that where ‘to see it is to transform it’.

Schèn and DS recognised more fully their place within this. It was essential in the raising of the octave of the galaxy. The overview was clear logic. Their p practice was an evolving adventure story taking them beyond their knowledge and experience.

DS and his group were being drawn collectively into the embrace of the Oversoul at a deep meditative level. From beyond the seven dimensions. A new light-network was manifesting throughout the galaxy independent of time and history and clear of karma. The rebirth of Life and Being within the state of galactic existence was generating into the immediate.



DS, while contemplating the unfolding mysteries of the nature of our galaxy, was reflecting that traveling at the speed of light is always relative to a state and stage of evolution. For example within the Solar System, each living moment is filled with light streaming in from every single point of time in the history of the manifested universe and certainly within the galaxy. He appreciated how every frequency carries a history of its star origin, which on reaching the earth becomes part of a living moment. The radiation of stars and galaxies, even those that had completed their visible incarnations, was still active as a form of ‘food for thought’ to the receptive mind. Light pouring into the earth was a great history of the many yesterdays and impulses for endless tomorrows and always in our present.

Altogether he felt this as an ever-present book of life – a reference to prepare, recognise and manage every twist and turn in the cycles and rhythms of creation.

While the philosopher in him enjoyed the moment, a sense of urgency flooded his collective awareness. It was reaching a point where the union with his colleagues must attain a certain stage of synthesis.

By themselves, in the collective sense, they were leaders, organizers, and managers. They needed to gather teams within a hierarchy of activity reaching all the way from the soil to the soul. Under the umbrella of their OverSoul, who was anyway very busy, a generative energy was gathering momentum. As the attunement between them all increased, so there was a ‘call to arms’ so to speak.

DS knew this from the incarnation of Luminous Cosmic Teachers to the earth and the founding of new directions in consciousness – all pushing mankind above the ground level of survival towards the light. It was when great numbers of souls were drawn like magnets, flowing in and through incarnations bringing all forward together, even if not all equally. Time dissolving into centuries was not the measure. Significances of light drawing awareness into independent and voluntary consciousness were the way. Belief systems were the launching pads for souls to enter more fully into their projects, their incarnations.

Schén meantime felt confident in delegating the work given to DS. His investigations into the very nature of the Solar System had become an entry-point into the special purpose of the Galaxy as a whole. His work had become a form of practical contemplation at the level where thought is also action. His insight initiated change. He appreciated now how elements and shadows of darkness had entered the nebula area as it formed into our sun and planets. The power of these negative forces was more in their ability to inspire and awaken. Their own agenda in exploiting the humanities was also the potential for humanity. A spiritual gamble perhaps that would reclaim the darkness while simultaneously awakening the light.

Schén found his awareness being drawn into the Great Mind described by some as the Universal Presence Contemplating Itself. An entry-point into creation drew him into a visionary space where it is possible to ‘see and experience’ in every direction simultaneously. He was drawn into the plan of the galaxy eons before it even began to manifest at the visible and material level. He experienced the Presence of the Great Beings who worked to initiate its design and purpose.

Anchoring it all was the great ‘black hole’ that would become its center.

Suddenly he was surrounded by an overwhelming feeling of warmth and loving intelligence. A Being from the highest Angelic frequencies manifested and the adventure story of founding a new galaxy, our galaxy, began.

Through the minds-eye of the Luminous Being Schén entered a state of union with his Vision. The totality of existence throughout the dimensions acts through the rhythm of an in and out breath. Schèn appreciated how within the immeasurable multi-level and many dimensions of existence, life is altogether a great whole – conscious throughout itself within the rhythm and sequence of forming, dissolving continuously both in instants and eons.

Within all projects there is both progress and regress. Out of this solar systems evolve where each planet becomes the domain for the different levels of soul growth and refinement. All go forward together, each within their own stage and state. There are also experiments that at a certain point must be recycled. With these are the Beings who at a certain point of evolution do not choose to progress within the Higher Plan, focusing their abilities to their own purpose. Where their resistance reaches a certain stage they are then held in stasis until new fields of creation in action become available and they are reinvested.

Schén contemplated the concept for the creation of a whole galaxy to draw together these ‘shadows of creation’ – a cosmic recycling galaxy in fact. This impression at once arose amongst all his Colleagues. It seemed a grand plan perhaps that still needed to work through everywhere amongst everything. It was like discovering a purpose within a purpose. The closer he came within the consciousness of his Being to the Most Luminous it seemed that his search was directing him into the purpose of the darkness.

All this swept through DS and he experienced a subtle change of focus.

The work they were sharing was taking them beyond their knowing. It was going to need all their skill. They were at the birth of a deeper purpose within the galaxy, which was certainly busy enough as it was.



DS, on emerging from the Akasha Chronicle levels, began planning the organisation required to gather all that would be needed for Schèn. It was the same for all his galactic associates. And then, in appreciating their tasks, he was astounded by the variety of living information that was getting underway. The originality and ingenuity of the never-ending ways in which life is conceived within the mind of the Universal Presence could never be taken for granted. The day-to-day changes within existence do bring the ‘it is always now’ effect into the manifest. And then there are extraordinary projects seeded into the cradles of creation that are like a ‘break-through’ within areas where it seemed that ‘all is already known’.

Hierarchies of luminous beings were always in attendance managing these earliest stages. Every galaxy has these nursery areas. In the Milky-Way Galaxy DS suspected, there were some very special experimental concepts being put into test.

The areas between the third and fourth levels were quite chaotic though well documented. DS in consultation with the Angelic Managers of this realm could see how slow and relatively dense this region is. All thought, he appreciated, is as an act of creation. According to its purity of motivation, so is it drawn into the space of its attraction? The history of the thought-life of mankind is an accumulation of its own state. DS observed not so much the primal survival thoughts but more how the selfish and aggressive thoughts had become like a dense cloud within interdimensional atmospheres. Uncleansed history had become a shadow over the light-flow between the dimensions. It left peoples in some regions in a state of temporal enslavement that stood out as a toxic focus in the body of humanity in incarnation.

DS appreciated the simultaneous need for the higher light frequencies to penetrate these dense levels along with the establishing of a much better state of receptivity, individually and collectively within humanity. He needed to enter into consultation with Masters and Teachers in the Higher Spheres whose work focused into human brain and mind evolution and awakening. He knew that for the plans for the whole galaxy to move forward, these lower levels must be made ready in every system. DS imagined a design for a cosmic vacuum cleaner to clear these lower astrals and smiled to himself knowing that there are no short cuts. Complete attention was always focused into every detail. No thought was wasted. Thought was a resource for ‘the great work’ when raised and refined.

It was then that DS was uplifted through an impulse as if coming from the very center of his Galaxy. There is a profound mystery surrounding the ‘Black Hole’ that centers all ‘galactic bodies’. Light frequencies beyond measure, quite invisible except to the most refined, pulses in constantly even as it cleanses the star systems themselves of ‘used universal energy’. The visible universe throughout its-Self is being given ‘new life’ or perhaps it is a continual affirmation of the endless mystery of the in and out breath of existence. This was an ‘impulse’ quite beyond his past experience. His DS group within the Milky-Way galaxy shared it in the immediate. He wondered for a moment if this was a ‘message’ just for his group work, for their level. And then he felt the loving presence of Schèn unite with his heart/mind and knew that this was also present amongst the Higher Selves on their special frequency.

A sense of excitement filled both groups. The uncertainty principle within creation in action was suddenly present. The definition of their tasks remained while another factor had entered in. A star system, a galaxy, a universe of infinite diversity and then ‘a something more’ – and all of this in the microcosm of our own nature and being.

DS and Schèn were in stillness and awe in this wave beyond light’s measure.



It seemed that everything was speeding up while in fact it was the group-mind flowing between the Higher-Selves of the appointed team. This was bringing everything into the immediate and yet without pressure as we might know it.

Also the Deputy-Selves of each one were being drawn more intensely to their Higher-Self relationship.

They were distinctively individual as projections of their Higher-Self and were quite independent as they went about their given tasks through their own state of Being. They were simultaneously drawn into the ‘higher plan’. Each was uniquely gifted. We might imagine that they were also under constant guidance.

Yet, having an awareness of the whole and of the special duties of their Higher-Self, they were all free to work through their own state and focus. They acted in trust knowing that implicit in their perspective was the network of their belonging.

The experience of both Schèn and DS within the fourth and fifth levels of the Akashi records was changing from research into a state of actually being at work. The ‘records’ are never static. They correspond to cosmic purpose which is ever in a state of flux. While the focus of Divine Intention is constant and a Great Plan will always fulfill itself, there is always the creative momentum of uncertainty.

DS appreciated that for the ‘great plan’ to be fulfilled, all unchartered space needed scanning. Every variety of life form should be included and no being of any kind could be neglected. It was going to be like a cosmic census taking.

Of course all species are part of what in truth is a ‘whole living body’ – and all are under the disciplined evolutionary management of specific Teams within the Hierarchies of creation in action. In principle, all life is then accounted for – and yet as it turns out and in the lower frequencies especially, there is often more ‘order in the making’ than adherence to a Higher Plan. In fact it can appear quite chaotic and random even, until all the elements of evolution are anchored and working together.

As DS smiled inwardly secretly questioning the wisdom guiding his ‘calling’, he experienced something similar amongst his DS group throughout the galaxy.

They did not doubt the Great Plan in itself. They did question their ability to fulfill the extraordinary task into which they were drawn. He wondered if they were the best equipped for the job even while appreciating that not a moment in evolution is ever wasted. They were at least ready to enter their own unknown.

Schèn, meantime was silently wondering about what may be happening at his level within the Andromeda Galaxy, which is the closest to our own. The shifting of frequency within the Milky Way as it gained momentum would soon be noticed. His universe over many eons had remained very constant. Soon (in relative terms), nothing in this universe was going to be the same. Forever can describe a limited term within the always of existence, he was realising.

He was now scanning in the Akashic Spheres for intimations of what was in store.

He had a feeling that the Milky Way galaxy had been less selected on merit and more because it was in fact behind in its evolution. He began to appreciate within the original stardust of the Solar System that it carried something like a regressive gene.

The super-novae of exploding stars scatter their essences far and wide. Schèn knew that our system had inherited frequencies from what we might call ‘a failed experiment’. His thought, at once shared and present amongst his group, brought a sense of recognition that the Milky Way itself is filled with cosmic experimental projects. More so than with at least the closely associated galaxies. He immediately went into deep meditation to unite with what was unfolding before him.



Schén’s journeying into the Akashi Records took its own direction. He was looking into the histories of the formation and evolution of galaxies – of multiple star systems and their stages of growth.

He was always fascinated to see how the cosmic processes found their way into initiatic schools and then on to become part of folklore and stories of the gods of the heavens and of all the elemental forces of an earth.

He could see how gradually and delicately the higher consciousness began to work upon the seed-atom of the physical body. He admired and respected the patient skill of the Hierarchies from many and various star systems working from the earliest stages of life anchored into an atmosphere of pure warmth.

He observed that physical form must always follow the cosmic matrix while also remembering in its every function the essences of all other stages of planetary evolution.

Material life can take root most anywhere. There are infinite varieties of life forms amongst the myriad of planets and of course the star itself is always as a planet for the most evolved life forms of that system.

The point from Schén’s search was concerned with the merging of galaxies. In the Akashi records he was drawn to the history of the stardust out of which the solar system itself had been formed.

He had some understanding of the reincarnation of stars and their planetary systems. He needed an update of earlier manifestations of the solar system and then to appreciate the advancing process. The universe is ever in creation and even to the greatest spirits of light, there is a mystery to the legend of how ‘everything’ will turn out.

Access into origins and consequences are guarded from all but the most evolved. Schén had to raise his light-frequency to enter this Akashi domain. His spiritual credentials were thoroughly checked. At this ‘level’, information is much more than data. It is volatile, dangerous even to the unprepared. There is a fine balance between enormously powerful forces. Even minute undisciplined variations can lead to major imbalances where the project of a whole galaxy must sometimes be withdrawn and then begun anew.

Schén felt a luminous group of Beings join to his mind. He experienced the presence of the network of those like himself who were searching into their own star and planetary records. Together they formed a simultaneous state of knowing – a sense of oneness sustained them. They felt unified into an instrument still in the forming – pioneers of a galactic experiment that concerned the future of the universe itself – at least within the limits even of their advanced stage.

They shared the vision of the gathering of stardust from different parts of space, from different galaxies even, carrying all the eternal basics for new creation. They saw a universe through its many dimensions manifest and star systems forming and dissolving.

Schén then appreciated how within our galaxy, an essence of each star is within the system of every other star. Also that an essence of every galaxy is within each one.

Through it all there was the circulation of the infinite variety of evolving life and form – all watched over, shepherded through the interweaving of the interdependence of all life.

The solar system he now appreciated was a member of the body of the galaxy that is a great evolving being within itself.

In their oneness the Group meditated upon this. The vision of the simultaneous raising of the frequency of every star system within the Milky Way galaxy was becoming a remarkable unfolding story.



In one way, universally speaking, nothing is forgotten. Yet how it is remembered varies and the whole concept is as remarkable as it is mysterious.

Both Schén and DS approaching from different entry points met the Guardians of the Akashic Records, were guided to their special sections and busied themselves within the curiosity of attraction into their search.

Life never stops living. There is no exact repetition. The very momentum of creation remembers itself through the originality of its reflection into the recording ethers. The measurement of change is more through refinement than comparison.

There are tidal flows through memory washing up upon the shores of existence carrying all before it. Explorers and pirates travel the seas of consciousness playing their part in discovery and exploitation.

To ask a question becomes a living experience of observation and participation. As both Schén and DS discovered as if for the first time – though they both had much experience of this – the recordings change through the nature of their examination.

A mind that opens, changes how the universe ‘sees itself’. All happens through the impulse toward union, whatever course existence may take. In this way memory once activated works upon itself while memory in stasis lives within the stillness of readiness.

DS found himself unexpectedly plunged into a whirlpool of transformation where points of light were exploding like fireworks. He turned to find Arturo, his Guide, smiling quite proudly. You have arrived in the midst of a great activation within these archives. Dimensions of relationship are expanding. Whole swathes of souls (if we can generously use that term, he remarked) are flowing into the expanding horizons of cognition. Levels of containment within collective mind and memory are dissolving. Definitions of existence are altering.

Memory expands, refines, simplifies and transforms into what is a seed-like state. As it is examined it grows into the focus of asking. In ‘being remembered’, it experiences an updating since its previous opening. The akashic records are constant to their definition and alive to the development of their theme.

All of this of course delighted DS. The readiness to respond, he appreciated, was already quite advanced in interdimensional terms. Without really knowing the source and ultimate purpose of the spiritual impulse, many souls were experiencing a feeling of belonging to galactic purpose. They sensed the family of simultaneous groups of humanities living on a scattered yet clearly united series of planets. The ‘records’ brought him into the histories of the adventure of courageous almost reckless Beings gathering in groups determined to penetrate and discover dimensional secrets.

For example, a group from Arcturus in the constellation of Boötis had chosen to scan the fourth level upon the fringe of the fifth looking for those who had wandered off the path and lost their way. They were stranded so to speak into an area of void without the necessary soul resonance to navigate, having overestimated their state of being. The point for DS was that in preparation for the ‘Great Experiment’, these areas needed to be cleaned up. This group had experience outside the cosmic norm, which he wanted to study.

Entering into ‘the records’ DS found himself within an interactive hologram able to discuss activities upon the fringe of mainstream evolution. He became part of events past as if in the midst of their happening. Here as ‘part of the team’, he encountered varieties of beings who are the scavengers of the dimensional boundaries. They could strip a soul of its protection, ingest its light-field state and leave it in need of rescue. He was stimulated to ‘meet’ the team members, a voluntary clean-up group really who were also explorers of only partly chartered realms. They travelled in interdimensional space ships, which were interactive expressions between mind-relationship and spiritual technology.

Much went rapidly through the mind of DS. He was aware that he and Schén were part of a galaxy wide team of experts and that there wasn’t a moment to lose in eternity. Nevertheless his curiosity was drawn into these rescue missions – perhaps they held a key to re-establishing light frequency resonance on a much larger and coordinated scale. Out of the corner of his mind he wondered about Schén…….and smiled as if he already knew his search was also not proceeding in a straightforward manner…..



Schén was on a tour of the Humanities in Evolution. His Deputy-Self was updating his own experience. The deepening of his overview and insight was becoming more ‘cosmic’ as in his consciousness he experienced the immediateness of being at one with his Oversoul.

The desire of DS to move into more cosmic realms was changing. The presence of Schén was instead bringing the cosmic to him and penetrating right through to the densest levels where life dwelt in a state of deep dreamless sleep.

While within the oneness of complete union where all is conceived and to which all eventually returns, there is still the need for the expression through duality. The third force arising through the exploring of union between the two is the key to all existence. Every level of divinity has responsibility for inspiring those below as part of its own refinement. The Humanities, they mutually observed, are filled with the many seeds of greatness.

But where were they now?

From the fifth level, where DS mostly dwelt, he brought into view the continuous flow backwards and forwards between the fourth and third levels. The fourth level seemed so secret and mysterious to the third. Much of the awareness within the third level was contained in repetitional images cloaked in superstition which none the less sparkled with beautiful visions and ideals.

Physical bodies needed regular sleep and repair to continue. Astral vehicles for the soul in the fourth level needed constant inspiring. Rational thought was mostly unbelieving and higher thought could not easily find its place within earth-bound imagery. In a way life in the third and fourth levels did not yet fully believe in each other!

Observing together, their Being merged dissolving time and revealing points of light in flow through the evolution of the humanities. It was appreciating so many light-points of specific star clusters from a variety of galaxies meeting in the living moment of the consciousness of mankind. Each light point became a network of groups of souls upon and near the planet radiating their identity through their star origins.

Each group brought specific light frequencies carrying ideals of the universal spirit that activated through the third and fourth level solar spectrums. This collectively with souls from all the star systems was working through the chakra structures into all of life on the planet. Within mankind, this was becoming a unifying attraction tempting, as it were, through the free-will choice, the uplifting vision of the Great Teachers to manifest. The seeds of greatness within mankind were being nourished though the light of the star-children.

Returning more into their individual frequencies, DS and Schén became more clear of their areas of purpose. With Schén this involved preparation down to the lowest life forms for the simultaneous upliftment of all life within the milky-way galaxy. For DS this was now more specific within the history and geography of the interdimensional state where the awakening of the many was at hand.

It was time to look into the akashic records of the planet, of present and also past humanities. Souls carrying the uplifting starlight were the messengers amongst the others who in fact appeared to work against the very nature of love and wisdom. Schén and DS could see that mankind’s evolution included outside or even beyond their own specific development, determined and discordant forces. They appreciated this is often the case within the cosmic cycles. DS had lived and worked within it for many ages. Now was the need to look more specifically in relation to the Great Plan.

The uplifting simultaneously of a whole galaxy seemed to them like a great experiment. While they fully accepted the wise purposes of the Universal Presence acting through the most evolved Spiritual Hierarchies, they had also known creation in action as being filled with surprises. Cosmic experiments seldom went smoothly.

Together they breathed in the light forces of expectancy and began to focus on the extraordinary akashic records within the fourth and fifth levels.



Schén is the name, the frequency of an Oversoul who in this period is nearing our domain in pursuit of a projection of himself sent into the time and space of planetary experience.

He has for many centuries/eons even been involved in the cosmic relationships of divinity in evolution. Meeting with Beings from such a variety of star systems, he had allowed his Deputy-Self ( DS ) the freedom of exploration and experience into the lower densities and from the overall perspective, had forgotten all about it. It felt much the same to his Deputy-Self who was not at all sure of his own origin. Such is the nature of minds spread across many horizons of reality. What now brought them together was the preparation for a coordinated increase in higher light-frequency radiation from the centre of the milky-way galaxy that would travel beyond light-speed. In fact it would manifest simultaneously amongst every star for a mysterious and remarkable purpose. This meant that all Oversoul’s should gather their many projections into the evolutionary systems for the simultaneous uplifting of everything.

Schén had not known of this before and now it suddenly took priority over his love of exploring and researching especially into the intermediate life forms where beings were awakening into a higher state of their own becoming.

Gently he began to draw his essence into the solar-planetary spectrum just close enough to avoid the discomfort of the increasing density of an earth.

In fact he took up his station in the fifth level where the akashic records could be consulted. It was close enough to reach into the lower spheres and still clearly in touch with his completeness. He was welcomed into the Counsels of the overview of the humanities where his name was known.

Here he began to refresh his associations into the laborious materialisation at work as energy follows thought which itself must become the focus of attraction into the manifest. And all of this ever forming, dissolving and reforming again and again.

To manage this he needed to merge within memory into the relationship of many lives and the recycling of experiences through the karmic disciplines.

While he appreciated the value of karmic law, he was often at odds with just how it manifested into a life born into forgetfulness. He understood the value of ‘not-remembering’ past lives but the process always appeared to him long winded. To his many discussions with the Councils of Elders he brought perspectives of distant star systems with their dimensional projections.

For example there is an approach on a near star, Alpha Centauri, with full recall and a cooperative exchange between the higher self and its projection into planetary density. On some stars within the Andromeda Galaxy the evolving humanities worked with many simultaneous incarnations.

Each system varied and there were festivals within the higher dimensions for the sharing where many experimental projects were in process. The endlessness of creation he fully appreciated was essentially an immediate living moment of now. His awareness became a collective sharing with like-minded beings where everything is ageless and always new.

For Schén, trying to recollect his higher vision in planetary/human terms was a slowing down into heaviness of such beautiful light ideals. Nonetheless he admired the degree to which mankind was able to express such beauty and truth in ever developing and refining ways.

His Deputy-Self had been with the earth experience since before the continents had separated into their present form. He had entered into all the root and many sub-root races and had taken part in the investment of great Cosmic Beings into the belief systems of the different evolving groups.

Schén’s meeting with his Deputy-Self was deeply fulfilling. As they merged into the union of their more completeness, there was an experience of a fusion of knowing and being of which there will be much to share at another time.

His DS, as it turned out, had been dreaming of cosmic journeys. He was tired. Not of the work or the dedicated souls whose unconditional commitment was so vital and focused. He was tired of the level of evolution that so often worked against itself. The struggle between the forces that inspired the humanities but in a parasitic way and those who were totally dedicated to the deepening of love, wisdom and compassion. Divine Will was at work in both and no single planet or star system evolved only for itself. But it all was so fragmented and repetitional – or so it seemed as he dreamed of ‘moving on’, somewhere……..anywhere even….

The arrival of his Oversoul was like a gift from the Universal Source. He was strongly anchored in his own identity, had his own ambitions. He felt inspired by being ‘remembered’ by his greater self but did not feel at all ready to be absorbed into its Being. With deep respect he valued his independence.

Shén read this in the auric fields of DS and was pleased. This was just the creative impulse he was looking for.