From the Archives of Ronald Beesley

Thus Saith The Sage

And they asked of him that he tell of the power of mind and having thought long he said to them:

The mind knows not the terror of its own darkness, nor does it understand the force to which it is exposed – or if it can ever recover the quiet truth of its own teaching.  Look again within the cave of its memories and release itself from the subconscious fears of its primitive past.

Each soul incarnates through the primitive bodies of many brothers, each seeking its own purification, each seeking to expand and to purge in its freedom, the suffering of its living.  The mind is the residue through which all these sensations must pass – illusions maybe, but with reality in their depth.

For what peace from scar or wound can there be that the silent scream of the mind in the night of its suffering can find solace and comfort and strength –through its inward knowing.  For is the teacher born that can teach a soul?  Is there a mind that has been created which can know the truth?  Has there ever been a disciple or initiate who really knew the master?

For these are all in part, they are stages through which the soul must grope, finding anew by the bitterness of its tears the reality of truth.  For truth is an ever-changing feast. Like a scene that moves from harvest to the winter snows it knows the temperatures of its own exhaustions.  But as it passes through it own shadows and creates again and again tits own obstacles, so will it eliminate slowly but surely the wounds of its incarnating past.

Every life is an opportunity to relive, for karma is but the challenge of change hat is born and reborn, that it may refashion its life, rebuild itself and from its weakness bear the strength of its own becoming. For again, what is knowledge but the consciousness of mighty things in minute form, encompassed in the human brain and only liberated in the hours of sleep – yet must return again to the confines of the subconscious mind.

For the subconscious mind is a life within itself.  It holds the memories of many levels. It is the area of many alarms and excursions.  It knows not happiness – only demands.

For here are the silent sheets of a life’s history written and recorded in the spiritual photography of it own hand, formed again and again in the memory of its coming and going, ever seeking to renew itself through the experience of its passing.  Sub consciousness, yes, but what is it but another division and a division is but a portal, a gateway by which we pass from one state of consciousness to another.

Each is activated by past and present and future, restored within its healing.  Known within each soul is its truth.  Known within each spirit it its life.  For all things are known, to be revealed only at the appropriate time, at the moment of deepest recognition..  Healing is of the memory past and is but the reforming of an old wound that it may become strong tissue.  A weak heart becomes strong a sad heart made happy.  Work, work and work again is the role of consciousness for in its working there lies its salvation, and in its salvation, the ascension to itself

So let us see these many levels of thought and work linked together by a golden chain leading far and high into the great cosmos of mans future, never to be lost but to guide gently up and in and through the experiences of its coming.

The change of mind is a change of mortality, for that which is immortal is of the higher mind consciousness and depends not on its lower conscious fields.  Yet each must feel on the other, each must take that which is of anguish, its pain, its suffering or its humble need.

For we clothe ourselves in our very thoughts.  We weave the fabric of the cloak we wear.  Our hearts are blazoned on the arm and upon the brow is signified man’s intention, and in the stoop of the body, in the walk and in the face are written that which is past, that which is future.  For the hidden history of man’s unfolding is still embodied in the subconscious levels, waiting to be discovered.

For the teacher must come who will release the shadows, who will help rediscover the deep truths of the inner self, who will set in motion the forward movement and of the holy deepening, where the mind itself may bound free within the dimensions, and set its sights into the great cosmos of the future.  Earthbound it may be but only according to its mortality. –immortality loosens the whole consciousness of an earthbound mind and sets it upon the lights of clear imagination.

Let it free then, fearing not the fixations and their causes for the pain of their healing and the love of their release makes all things well.  For without the pain there would be no laughter. Without the sorrow there could be no joy.  Without he struggle there could not be the tranquility.  Without the conflict =there could not be peace.  For these contradictions, one against the other, produce the internal values, produce those awareness’s ofcontrast which make possible the thinking of mind.  Gather then all that which is hurt and all that which is pleased – all that which is blessed and all that which is unblessed and put them together into the very center of a consciousness, that it may digest and learn from them to find the pathway to its very heavens, that it may digest and learn from them to find the pathway in its very heavens from the fears of its primitive self and released from no pain into pain, from pain into ecstasy

It is not for salvation, nor for atonement that consciousness lives.  It needs guidance to the way home – to a full heart, a full mind, a full spirit, enriched in the grace of its suffering, purified in its moments of humility and of truth. Its courage forged in the very moment of its weakness- its battle gained in moment of defeat.

Go forward then, oh life force – move, move through the very fabric of the mine.  May it attend those who are fallen y the way, seeking beyond itself to comfort and heal.  For the cure of consciousness in in the sharing of each other’s minds, of each other’s depths and heights, blending pure mind and mind together to forge the holy links by which man’s future thought may sour aloft from the stricture’s of earth to the great planes of heaven, taking with it the loneliness of suffering transmuted into the grace and joy of a holy rebirth.