PHILOSOPHY March/April 2020

Even when horizons are narrowed, imagination can expand.
Past a point when under pressure, hidden resources emerge.
No experience is wasted and sooner or later all is used to the good.
Regret can be an obstacle to clear insight. There is a way to express in the language of self-discovery the very human day by day story. It’s about the journey of the Soul and the story of self-discovery. We learn it knowingly or not even from the moment of conception.
Our ‘state of need draws to itself insight in a variety of idiom. Dreams and reflections as dialogue between the variety of aspects of our self need translation. This process is in itself therapeutic .A universal ‘tongue’ invites the rational mind to venture beyond the known and establish new values much like interpreting dreams.
There is a continuous flow of information into events as they unfold, quite impersonal as each one is placed within the network of their belonging and to the advantage of the whole.
Exquisite detail is the science of Being.



How to transform anxiety and fear into the natural experience of being alerted in advance? Can the beginning and the end of material existence be embraced by the radiance of the continuity of the life of the Soul.? Can a deepening of memory bring the spontaneous sense of attraction to periods in history evoking a sense of belonging?

Instinctively this sense of familiarity is close and the feeling of having  lived in other times has an emotional if not yet fully rational attraction.

The chemistry of reality is anchored through the timeless network of cause and effect and we may feel an attraction to historical figures and their times. And so the harmonic resonance of opportunity as if we are ‘being called’ then may gently replace the fatalistic shadows around the nature of existence.

We are beginning to live with life as a continuous flow of information into events as they unfold and life without the conditioning of judgments and penalties  can can fulfill its promise.


PHILOSOPHY February 2019

We are born into a mixture of moments of relevance scattered across history.  At first breath the incarnation is plugged into the delicate balance of soul purpose within karmic consequence.  Energetically as past and future meet, history is aligned to the living moment and this is often reflected into the tension and balance of the cranium resting on the top of the spine.  Gravity is an experience of oppression or a delicate point of balance between the forces of expansion and contraction.

The child’s space and place in the family often governs this and so the dynamic between personality and character is triggered.

So much of this affects the throat chakra and how safe it feels to be true to ourselves and confidently share ‘our truth.

Originality adds a creative touch to everything which becomes a way of ‘unlearning’ and the loosening of early life conditioning.

The possibility of living the fullness of our life is replacing  repetition and routine snd living without unconscious habits.

As Ronald Beesley used to say “We will be living a third dimensional life through fourth dimensional principles”.


PHILOSOPHY December 2017

Living in the moment can be as a sharing of an abundant harvest. So much passes through us and into the lives of others that we never really know about.

In the continuum of time looking back or ahead needs an ethical anchor-point with in the simultaneous reality of many parallel levels of experience. That there is spiritual meaning and learning in all that occurs needs trust and then as life unfolds, the ‘common-sense’ of it all will find a helpful space to contribute..

While life fulfils itself as it unfolds, answers can come ahead of time and a simple yet important question may be embodied in a landscape of experience. Then as we are able to let go of our own self-concern we may be as messengers in the lives of others sharing more through our radiant example than any realised wisdom. The community of thought shares abundance even as we wonder around prospecting for a rich vein of gold. Consciousness is ever upon a threshold of the unknown.

Looking back over our life journey when the time comes, it gives perspective on the detail of preparation and yet when the time of need comes we may not recognise the value of as yet unrelated knowing. The ethical anchor-point is then a consistent time for recollection in meditation or through an activity that holds our attention while letting go of goals and desires. The sense of that we are all where we are meant to be takes us from wherever we are, into a space of expectation and this is where we always meet the significance of the moment. The need to be super focussed that nothing can slip by our attention is then replaced by whatever surprises us. This is the presence of the continuity of life even as it passes.

Light carries the information of its source. The star-dust of our essence makes something of the moment our universe was born part of the now. In some sense everything is remembered. In the sequence of relativity, principle and purpose flows through the recycling of form and spirit incarnates into the awakening of self discovery.

All belongs. Nothing is excluded and here and now is a measure of it all.


Philosophy August 2017

Purpose includes a state of asking and the possibility of contributing where each life form of whatever level is part of a network of universal belonging. In one way or another everything is used to the good. Existence involves, the building dissolving and recycling of everything. All form is en-souled. There is a state of evolving consciousness through every form. It is said for example that in the mineral kingdom consciousness dwells in a state of deep dreamless sleep and in plants there is the intimation of dreaming and within animals the earliest stages of thinking.

To appreciate that form emerges from the dust of past star systems and galaxies then an essence of the state of consciousness of the star and the galaxy of its origin is imprinted into the subtlest elemental levels. The universe remembers itself through the foundations of the process of recycling. The fertility of history is ever the resource for all that enters into the originality of life through form. Everything that emerges out of a consistent pattern is never repeated in exactly the same way. Change is constant. The uniqueness, originality and the consistency of universal law can be appreciated as an ever expanding and refining universe of creation in action.

The imaginative experiencing of this vision brings a sense of belonging within the emergence of the Image of the Creator at work.

The point is perhaps to value our place as part of a purpose that unites everything within an un-limitedness of opportunity.

If as some say that we are just a wavelength away from the conscious state of inter-dimensional awareness then waking and sleeping we are continuously learning and growing. Through the laws of karma we are designing our own living classroom with all its themes specific to our stage of learning. We live within the relativity of our state of asking.

To appreciate this even in just finding ways to put it to the test links us to the eternal, the golden thread within all the cycles and rhythms of how life is happening.

The great examples and their teachings are then like a continuous attraction at a deep subconscious level to become at one with their source.


Philosophy January/February 2017

How many ways to contemplate the nature of our existence while remaining free of ritual and repetitional mantra? How to tap into the flow of living information keyed to the frequency of our soul-note and enter in through the living moment to become synchronous to the meeting point of the spirit of co-creation in action. Being the cosmos in miniature and uniquely individual suggests that our subtle structure is a cosmic instrument designed to open our way to the stars. Translating this shapes the form and content of our life, this influences the nature of our relationships and we are attracted to the way life can mirror our awakening Self.

To contemplate the mind, as a hologram of the cosmos, then at birth the newborn brain is also a star-map of the heavens specific to the individual, a life-plan of connections, qualities and characteristics as well as a story of the purpose of the heavenly principles within the life as it unfolds. A map of promise, hope and opportunity filled with spiritual adventure and discovery.

There is always a sense of the universe contemplating itself within an incarnation.

Our Soul name has a cosmic harmonic and our life-plan is a symphony waiting to be played with all aspects of our personality and character the instruments to be ‘sounded out’ through our temperament and mood. With a heavenly pattern of our life in the brain, healing includes realigning our self to this cosmic light-map of spiritual navigation and so the possibility to work constructively through all the levels.

The inspiration of great art, music and poetry, the radiance of great examples, a child’s laughter, springtime in nature, the stillness of winter snow scene – all spontaneously stimulate the remapping of our belonging within an unfolding universe. Beauty locates us, inspiration awakens us, and surrender unites us.

We appreciate that our astral body, which is our fourth dimensional suit of clothes, is also our star body. As children, we live through the senses of the astral body. Our awareness through the fontanels is at birth open to our star map. As we come through the first seven years, the way we perceive the world gradually becomes part of our more rational and logical thought. Imagination is the bridge. Early education stimulated by imaginative stories and activities anchors receptivity to the intuitive senses as a foundation to more intellectual and linear thinking. The brain is then less easily conditioned by the repetitional while the mind with the wings of the imagination is ever receptive to ‘the way things can become’. There is no static in life; everything is under the science of divine unrest. The tendencies of the future are always part of the present. Attunement into time and space becomes a natural and instinctive awareness within our day-to-day circumstances.

Within the Solar Plexus is the collective memory of family history and sensitivity to soul significances through sympathy and antipathy. Our cosmic structure in miniature holds each incarnation to its source, always enough to appreciate values within life experiences.

Through the center at the base of the spine in linking to the -life- force center within the earth these capacities are energised while we are magnetically aligned and receptive to the information and conditions we need. The brow chakra and its structures within the brain are a direct link into the creative focus of potential. From the fifth dimensional, workshop of the soul. The crown chakra within the astral body. Links the flow through the levels, bringing the higher will into the many voices present within human choice.

Does this require a study of astronomy, the physics of space and the accumulated knowledge of the relationship of the human body and human nature to the planets and clusters of stars? We are a map of the heavens in action within the network of harmonic resonance that is the all-inclusive ‘song of life’. Aligning our self within the map of the stars opens our communion with destiny as an awakening instrument active in sharing our journey in ways that will encourage others. Our example reflects or resonates with the deep longings of the heart. The inner guide or teacher is acknowledged. The highest values join with the finest choices and commitments. Life emerges beyond personal achievement and an appreciation of the gifts of others within the network of our friends and colleagues creates a self-supporting society involved in the welfare of all quite spontaneously.


PHILOSOPHY December 2016

Compulsion is both basic to survival and to the awakening of personal discrimination and choice.

Group thought is rooted in tribe, land and belief so that the emergence of individual values related to universal concern and care are under constant challenge.

If as some say that our human personality or ego is a trigger of self limitation and encourages suspicion and conflict, then isn’t the construct of our life also a design to ‘use it all’ to the good?

How much is really in our nature to take advantage for ourself and ignore or exploit the vulnerability or ignorance of others?

Even while socially divisive and self-destructive impulses are part of the

being-human package, all the forces within ‘the way we are’ when recognised and focussed toward a creative and progressive goal can bring our personal journey in resonance with the very purpose of existence.

And here the genius scattered lightly amongst all peoples really awakens the same principle within everyone – given time.

While existence can seem endless and repetitional, within the essence of each new life there is an attraction towards enlightenment as the flower reaches up opening to the sun.

Of course the problem is because of all our problems. Within the nature of social structures, division and separation just happen even while law and justice is upgraded, general health is supported and by law every child must be educated.

And while the longing of every parent is that their children should reach an even higher level, our prisons are bursting and peace is maintained through a very sophisticated preparation for war.

Let’s instead look into the history of art and design, the adventures of explorers, the self-motivated research into the laws of nature and the universe. While survival compulsions are active, their energies can be anchored to curiousity. Service to others can be through our way of being, our motivation within every kind of activity.

Society organised collectively and managed through self-leadership does seem far off in linear time – yet how close is this really, within consciousness. To see, to recognise and to become can be the motto for our emerging generations.


Communication begins before language forms. There is a sense of the immediate as thoughts and feelings are shared across a divide of so much that appears separate.

How soon will we be in touch through such a level of exchange with the animal kingdom that is quite beyond the food chain. And what is the nature of communication within the pathologies of body and mind.

Rocks record impressions as they pass through eons of time. Past civilisations are still active ‘in the atmosphere’. Perhaps there is also a memory in water and air that only needs us to experience and translate more directly the continuous exchange as all shares its essence and seeks to attract its need.

Life is intelligent throughout itself and certainly our brains are capable of being within the know of it all.

Are we held back by the fatalistic sense of life’s terminal definition where we know that at some point we will be cut off from it all?

And then did it all begin at our conception or are we really experiencing a continuation of the flow of self in and through many states and levels.

What is known, exchanged and active as nature maintains its ongoing balance even through times of great extreme is essentially available to everyone.

Perhaps we live within a ‘need to know’ basis even while our life is also defined as a living question.

Communication amongst all of mankind is certainly improving. Our inventions can be seen as an actualisation of innate capacities. And if we are not to become as slaves to our technologies then within out state of consciousness new pathways are opening.

It can be that supra-biological network is forming or evolving parallel to our refining ways of living.

Does this include living more directly from light and air and gradually moving beyond the need for organic nutrition?

If this is still some way off then the opening beyond verbal communication into the science of all life moving forward together can become a delight, an enjoyment building upon the foundations of evolution that have already stood the test of time.
APRIL 2016


Appreciation of the nature of existence is an exercise within all the routine demands and activities of simply living.

The Universal Source contemplates itself and here we are – contemplating ourself through all we do.

And then, if human nature at least through our brain structure, sees through the eye of the mineral, plant and animal to find its own reflection, becoming spiritually human is a job description.

We are on the earth to unify all of evolution to discover ourself as a living answer to our own questions.

We sleep as a stone, dream as a plant, feel as an animal and then….?

Individuality awakens through the union of belonging. All life remembers itself within us. And then something more is added.

Eternity is not a measurement. Time as a calculation gives comparison.

While we measure through the rotation of the earth and our passage around the sun, memory is a state of relationship through belonging and not a straight line. Memory is specific to its harmonic scattered throughout our existence. And then it always can go further.

For specific areas of the brain to specialise, the whole of the brain takes part.

What then could be the function of the ‘wisdom eye’ as an aspect of the brain?

Can it be seen as a ‘command centre’ in touch throughout all levels and systems?

How many aspects might this ‘eye’ have? If it gives vision to every species of evolution then life is looking in on itself even as it searches outwardly to share in its needs.

Are we a collection of separate species looking at each other through common eyes. Then each eye sees through all the others simultaneously?

As far as it goes, all life shares so many of the same building blocks.

And if the nature of consciousness is nature becoming conscious through us then all the wisdom that is ‘instinctive’ or ‘nature programmed’ can become our conscious knowing managed by our ‘being’.

Is it then our ‘being’ that is added – and how may it be appreciated?

Our bodies and their etheric template as the union of knowledge of the earth meeting our being – the union of cosmic existence through the template of the soul?

If both need each other then the Universal Source contemplating itself it a busy space working eternally within its own design centre.


December/January 15/16
The interweaving of lives and levels changes the nature of present time. One day and one life at a time is not enough. All and everything enters in with regard only to its belonging, a subtle association that respects no borders. It’s only measure is its relevance to the theme.
As we awaken it is as if out of the whole of existence a resonance emerges, a new expression of a well known symphony perhaps, a gathering of creative challenge never quite come together in that way before.
Dissolving any sense of identifying into past and future allows us to be both part of the flow-line of time and the union of always into any moment.
Is this a pinpoint of exquisite balancing or actually a broad and deep foundation which is in fact the actuality of our innate existence.
What lies behind a few words can be the traveling of many streams of thought and our contact with life through an imperfect and evolving temperament.
We need security but it is never a given. We seek success without its true definition.
How much is our work voluntary. As age overtakes those who live long enough, it can be seen as success in itself. And are our trophies admired through other eyes our true reward.
We let everything go when our bodies must sleep and rational thought ceases for a while. But we dream in most amazing ways. We travel in out dreaming mind almost anywhere in a moment and turn life into images and metaphors needing help when lost in its translation.
But life moves inevitably through its time and except for monuments or legacies we are all forgotten, except for a few. And yet the life of each and everyone is an adventure, a mystery of successes and failures and so much retrospective insight – and then we need cosmic teaching to carry us through the gateway.
Life asks us to dig deep now, not into suffering or indulgence but through the measure of curiousity and the stimulus of uncertainty.
Anchoring it in science gives part proof. Poetry adds colours and feelings. Sharing in the hierarchy of community is a fashion. We wear existence like a cloak and then in casting it all aside, live in our memories – not of the past but in the relationship of the continuum of existence.