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White Lodge Letter – May 2020

Dear Friends,

At White Lodge/ The Centre of New Directions, we have entered a new year within the inter-dimensional project involving the surfacing and dissolving of historical shadows and the expanding receptivity to light frequencies that inspire change in the nature and structure of civilization.

At a deep subconscious level Belief Systems are flowing toward a synthesis through tolerance. Economy and trade are more a world structure. Communication and education is expanding and informing receptive hearts and minds less dominated by ideology.

The challenge to world health is dissolving boundaries, leaving less space for fixed historical attitudes and prejudice.
A new form of democracy is emerging.

Parallel to this it is interesting to observe the development of a new structure to the Colour/ Light work.
The focus of the Light-Science is into supporting soul-focus within incarnation. This is not so much a remembering of earlier lifetimes. It clears shadows of family and cultural history. Childhood reactive imprint dissolves. The clarity of karmic value is protected. The Higher Nature of the individual is more able to creatively assimilate education and life experience and manage the temptations of their generation.
The Soul is then secure within the network of its harmonic resonance, allowing for synchronicity without superstition to happen.
There is an alignment through the roots of all races to their spiritual gifts even while a ‘Planetary Human Being’ emerges.
As virtual technology becomes a norm so our sleeping and waking states are not separated by forgetfulness. Mind relationship to spiritual communion awakens to ‘whole brain’ living.
All our studies and experiences are being employed ‘to the good’. The network of ourbelonging is now a discipline within another sense of freedom.

We wish you a year of spiritual adventure and discovery and look forward to sharing in your news and views!

White Lodge Letter – February 2019

by Peter Goldman

Dear Friends,
Welcome to the new year of Light Work in a period where the unfinished business of history shows as at meeting point within most every aspect of life. There is an incoming tide of incarnations associated to the historical networks of civil wars and the divine right given to royalty and religious leaders. There is a surfacing of suspicion between countries even as it seemed Peoples could live without borders and travel and work more openly and freely.
Through the Light/Colour focus, the roots that have anchored the Primary Races are more active into their universal belonging through all that has emerged in specialized ways. It is a spiritually focused journey from awakening through diversity into basic freedoms within a unity of agreement about human rights, dignity and suffrage.
At a deep subconscious and collective level, the Soul-Light of individuality is not so fully submerged into group identity.
History is being viewed and reviewed while political ideology is emerging into societies of increasing and improving clarity in communication and freedoms in choice. This is ongoing worldwide
even in the midst of the constant conflict between light and dark.
The point is that as the individual is better educated and better nourished, the charisma of demigods is diminishing – which suggests that psychically and psychologically peoples in general are not so easily manipulated or their choices imposed
All round there is a raising of standards while along with the greater freedoms are the impulses and parasitic forces of addiction and compulsion. The management of crime and punishment is showing signs of self-management.
Spiritual teaching is flowing though a great variety of inspirational sources. And the Inner-School is active as an extraordinary organization during both waking and sleeping hours.
What this suggests is less philosophical and much more about self-management and people helping people.
The Great Teachers are becoming visible through the life and work of their Students engaging into the recycling of the static shadows of history.We wish each other a rewarding year filled with spiritual adventure!



White Lodge Letter – December 2017-January 2018

by Peter Goldman

Dear Friends,
We look forward to 2018 as The Year of Discovering the Inner Teacher.
With the growth of an anchoring to the Higher-Self or Oversoul through the awakening heart, the light frequencies along this direct line are activating at a cellular level, a more universal sense of belonging.

Ronald Beesley talked of our ‘State of Being’ as many parallel levels of simultaneous experience where ‘the quality of ‘theWork’ that we share is through the merit of our State of Being.
One of the purposes of the series of Study Courses in Spiritual Psychotherapeutics he created, was for every Student to be accepted into the Inner School – which he spoke of as under the Spiritual Management. He encouraged that no more than two Courses should be taken in one year – as enough time was needed for the education to be assimilated and become continuous into life and through all the levels of an awakening consciousness.

With the ‘state of Being’ of mankind as a whole more unified and receptive to spiritual light-frequencies, we enter into the experiencing 0f a fourth dimensional consciousness.
This is a natural step in spiritual growth and collectively for all mankind it is gradually bringing a revolution in consciousness.
Earth science infused with spiritual frequencies opens mankind to a new normal within our State of Being. New perspectives into reality can spontaneously unfold. The challenge is about who or what may influence our consciousness. With receptivity to ‘new light’ there is a surfacing of ancient unresolved darkness. A corresponding measure of unredeemed history is attracted into the collective network of of the evolving ‘Family of Man’.
To bring the area in consciousness between the third and fourth dimensions fully under higher-light management becomes a task of the present-day Humanities.. This can for example become like an upsurge of ancient psychic light/dark struggle clothed in current forms of ‘man’s inhumanity’. In this sense history is being healed and a healthy interdimensional relationship emerges. Politics, economics, education and law are drawn into a higher octave. The partnership between man, nature and the Creator enriches the potential soul-growth within incarnation.
At White Lodge, the Colour work under the direction of the Light Scientists is very active in this sphere. Areas of collective deep subconscious fixation are being transformed. There is a purification of the relationship between races and peoples.
The activities of the Inner School and through direct and Sleep-state learning are more focussed through the receptive entry-points into transforming the shadows of repetitional history. A higher level of ‘free-will’ is gently emerging.

This is active through all the ways that we communicate and share.
Our experience of this comes through curiousity, originality and intuitively guided choices.
Even as technology takes over more areas of our lives, the higher-dimensional aspects of our Being are bringing new perspectives of responsibility.
This new year coming looks like a brilliant spiritual adventure in the making.
We wish each other well!


White Lodge Letter – January 2017

by Peter Goldman

Dear Friends,

We pass through crossroads in time as we enter a new solar revolution on our planetary spaceship.
The past year has brought to the surface deep subconscious shadows from unfinished business within the history of mankind as if ancient battles between light and dark are surfacing, challenging values and inviting courageous choices. Is this all new or does history lay down its shadows parallel to all the plans being prepared within the workshops of the Soul? Divine right order is creation in action. Karma is not mechanical or literal. Soul light frequencies work always upon the level at which consciousness can respond within mind to bring all of life forward together.
The stress of uncertainty and a world culture of information instantly available on every topic expose our rational/emotional experience to great psychic pressure. Life happens within the extraordinary experience of all and everything being part of a whole. Belonging is an immediate that is continuous within the living moment.
What is so interesting in current times is the coming online of the ‘sleep-state project’ of the ‘Inner School.’
Spiritual Psycho-therapeutic Teaching and training work over many years has always included linking each student to the ‘Inner School’ on the higher dimensions so that the classroom of everyday living may take over from the seminar and workshop.
The value and success of this within the development of the heart/mind brain has allowed the soul relationship within our life to inspire us and bring through higher life insight and experience more and more.
The point now is in the value of sleep-state experience and opportunity that is becoming the focus in working with interdimensional receptivity that is opening up.
We appreciate how as the body sleeps; consciousness arises into the higher dimensional levels within the garment of its astral or 4th dimensional garment. Our sleep-state is a period of preparation for the day and times to come. In the Colour/Light Therapy Work, sleep-state is often used in this remarkable and gentle approach to healing.
This time can also be used for education and training within the deeper levels of consciousness. Sleep-state preparation is ‘uploaded’ into memory to be drawn down into everyday thought through the attraction of the unfolding events of day-to-day needs.
None of this is controlling or conditioning. It does not override freewill. A pathway is opened within the attraction and curiosity within the ‘State of Being’ of the individual. Horizons of awareness expand the individual contributes through the teamwork of like minded originality as part of the path of service. Life maintains itself on many levels of simultaneous experience. Sleep-state learning will become a way of continuous education and a really exiting use of our life and time will emerge.
Each student will need to manage the rhythm and balance of their own life. Daily quiet times for prayer and meditation and inner reflection will be important. Gradually the sense of mind relationship to spiritual direction will come into flow naturally and easily.
A sense of remembering through the significance of harmonic resonance will allow higher dimensional and past life awareness to open. The appreciation of the impulses of history within the present will emerge.
So much within healing is tuned to the constant flow of information. The flow of self-healing information from the Workshop of the Soul will diminish dependence on pharmaceutical medicine. Awareness of the man/nature and the planet partnership will open spontaneously as children reach puberty and choose their life directions. Mankind will remember the sense of planetary family. Many of the forms of self-harm and addiction will lose their control.

Moving into new styles of living will is reflected into whole-brain living. The project of evolution through many lifetimes will have a new foundation of health and contentment. There is much to look forward to. The sleep-state education project will dissolve the barriers of prejudice and ignorance. There will be great joy in the schools of love and compassion and those dedicated hearts within their systems of belief.

We all join to wish you a New Year filled with great spiritual adventure and discovery. We would love to hear your stories as the new seasons unfold.
With much love and light from all of us at White Lodge, The Centre of New Directions,


White Lodge Letter – August 2016

by Peter Goldman

Dear Friends,

We observe in these times through the activities of many Spiritual Schools, the penetration of higher light frequencies entering deeply into the fourth dimensional karmic matrix. This suggests that the nature of our astral-body state is being updated. And with this at the etheric and cellular level, the vital life frequency is being raised.
It is certainly good for the immune response and a higher natural level of health.
The psychic circulation that links the dimensions is undergoing the cleansing of a profound historical nature. In consequence the educational and healing activities of the Inner Schools are able to be more active during sleep state.

With our Friends in many countries, the aim is always to support and encourage the work of each other. This covers a wide spectrum of pathways of service. The network that opens spontaneously through this encourages an inspired yet common-sense perspective into social structures and their challenges. Overall, I believe, we are sharing a time of preparation for the raising of the octave of existence.
It is not so much dramatic as in holding the focus of the sense of purpose sufficient that the immeasurable side of the work can happen.
Each Facilitator and every Student will be experiencing this. The self-work and studies over years in their many and various ways is the foundation – and I feel that our response to the Inner Teachers is more creative than ever.
Recently, with Elisabeth Bond from Switzerland, we took part in a Soul School. The experience was managed through the Forum of the Buchhandlung im Licht (Bookshop of Light) from Zurich and held in a beautiful Conference Centre in south Germany. Participants from five countries joined in the theme ‘Echoes from the Future’. We shared in an expanding of the horizons of inter-dimensional relationships – and now need to allow its integration into everyday living.

Worldwide generally we feel the network of ‘light-centres’ active quite spontaneously and without a need for organising in an outer form. More there is a subtle teamwork that makes sense ‘a wavelength away’ as we are aware of one another.
Each Colleague and Student in his or her link to many others within the full scope of their lives becomes a light-point within the sparkling network.
There is a ‘universal language center’ in the mind where on the subtle levels, communication flows and experience and ideas are exchanged.

Later this year we aim to create a White Lodge World page to share the interesting activities of all the Centers with whom we work.
Well, it is already happening in the subtle sense and now we want to bring it a little more into the everyday and then open it to your feedback.
We all join to wish you a rewarding and joyful summertime (north of the equator!) and with much love and light,


White Lodge Letter – December 2015/January 2016

by Peter Goldman

Dear Friends,

In the coming year the Theme for our talks and seminars is ‘The Oversoul at Work – Employing Karmic Forces’. These impulses are showing more activity through the Colour Distant Treatment Programme and will form the resource for Light, Colour and Sound workshops and their influence into Interdimensional Living and Working.

This is all in response to the gathering of light impulses from the higher dimensions into the happenings in the world today. The flow is not direct but through the network of like minded people. They do not need to meet in the everyday and are yet joined through their state of heart/mind presence. It works through atmosphere and intention and is active through all aspects of society and every kind of position in life.
It does not in any way encourage division, opposition or conflict. Much more it works into the various levels of consciousness within their own areas of limitation and potential, to encourage the next stages of a broader and deeper vision.
This in turn allows the recognition of reaching across borders and developing further the multi-national flow of ideas and people through education, trade and social development. Even while much of this has a profit motive, upliftment more than exploitation will be the subtle encouragement.
The leadership in this is collective through common recognition and a sense of
free-will commitment, even while it can be active within a hierarchy of teamwork.
Even so, these are times of preparation for the new generations. We are busy establishing a supportive environment where the incarnating soul in remembering its universal self, can maintain its future vision. As these new men and women grow and take their places, they can naturally reach across and in their recognition, dissolve past resistant separative patterns.
All our teaching work is in support of the Student in these times and to encourage their attunement to the Inner School and their Higher Self.
It is with great joy that we share what we do within the work and lives of gifted people with many and varied skills. The common factor is the love, care and concern for all life and the desire to gain insight and understanding into the mystery and service of life’s meaning.
We share with one who in their turn touches the lives of many others who spontaneously reach through their occupations into every kind of atmosphere.
The value in these times is in the parallel flow through every level of material and subtle experience – each in their own frequency and its relationship to all others. All moves forward together. Linear time becomes unified where what has taken many centuries can unfold even in one lifetime.
Our project in the coming months includes the refinement of communication through the web pages. We want to create a living exchange that can hold the interest of whoever is drawn to it. We will be looking forward to your feedback in due course!
We all join to send much love and light and many blessings into your life and work.